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Meet the Billi Team – Jay McLeod, Sales Manager

Billi is a business built on people. The people we work for and the people who work for us. Meet the Billi team who collectively have a wealth of knowledge and broad experience to draw from when helping our customers, but they have a fun side too…

Meet Jay Mcleod, our Sales Manager.


What does Jay do for our customers?

Hello, I’m Jay McLeod and I am the Internal Sales Manager for Billi.

I started at Billi in 2018 and have worked in a variety of different roles within the Sales Team giving me a good knowledge of how the company and product operates.

For Billi customers, I can offer a premium solution for the ongoing maintenance of their units as well as assisting with any ongoing queries.

What do you love about working for Billi?

Working within such a tight-knit team with people who are rooting for teamwide success. I also love promoting a product I believe in that I believe deserves its name as the premium product in the market.

What do you get up to outside of work?

Lots and lots of reading and painting – especially in lockdown!!



Billi is an ever-expanding and innovating brand within the market, with some of the best water systems and taps on the market. We invite you to join us over this series to get to know the faces behind the brand that make Billi water systems so great. 

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