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What are the Most Popular Accompaniments to Drinking Water?

Everybody has a preference when it comes to water. Some people prefer sparkling to still, and some won’t drink still water at all unless it has squash in. But, what are the most popular accompaniments to drinking water? Let us know your favourite in the comments below!


Squash is a standard accompaniment to still drinking water. Ranging from the traditional orange or blackcurrant and apple that are reminiscent of school break times, all the way to posh squash flavours such as plum & cherry or rhubarb & ginger. Make your still water far more interesting by adding some flavoured squash, and notice how easily you’ll gulp down your recommended 5-8 glasses of fluid a day. Just make sure you opt for squash with no added sugar, or you’ll end up consuming empty calories.


Cordial is like squash’s posher older brother. Thicker and stronger than squash, they require a higher water to product ratio. The go-to flavour at the moment for cordial? Elderflower of course! Elderflower cordial comes in a sweet syrupy formula and tastes great with either still or sparkling water. With a rating of 4.5/5 on Ocado, elderflower cordial is clearly a firm favourite in the world of drinking water accompaniments. One reviewer said, “Excellent flavour and not overly sweet – A delight with sparkling water”, which should be encouragement enough to try it if you haven’t already.

High Juice

A weaker version of squash with a higher juice content, high juice contains around 45% real juice making it a less sickly sweet option, due to it’s more natural flavour. To be classed as high juice, the ‘squash’ has to be made up of half, or more volume of juice. Owing to the amount of real juice present in the product, high juice could be seen as the ‘healthier’ option. Simply look for products with no added sugar, or ‘made with real fruit juice’ on the label.

Fresh Fruit

Adding fresh fruit to your drink is a simple, yet effective way to infuse your drinking water. Our favourites here at Billi are strawberry and cucumber, with a couple of sprigs of mint. This refreshing natural flavour also works brilliantly with sparkling drinking water straight from your Billi tap – which is available at the touch of a button.


Another brilliant addition to still drinking water, (if we do say so ourselves) is carbonation. Billi taps can provide you with sparkling water straight from your tap, which makes a pleasant fizzy change from your traditional still water. Carbonated water can also make your squash, cordial or high juice fizzy, tasty and a little more interesting! Carbonated water also still counts towards your recommended daily fluid intake of 5-8 glasses a day, so get sipping.