How to Motivate Employees in the Final Run up to Christmas


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How to Motivate Your Employees In the New Year

Motivate Employees With These Easy Tips

As the New Year begins, it can be hard to get staff motivated and working hard. Paperwork has been left to pile up and pushed aside until after the Christmas break. Now people are back at work after a long break, and it can be tough to get back into the swing of things. It’s not just coming back to work in January that can be like this though. If your staff feel undervalued or aren’t praised or motivated, their productivity will be poor. In order to have an efficient and hard-working workforce, you need to encourage and motivate them. We’ve compiled this list of tips in order to help!


This tip is super simple to uphold. Staff want to know their boss, get along with them and feel like they confide in them. If you’re just a name at the bottom of an email and they never see you around, you’re not going to be listening or understanding the concerns of your workforce. Even if you’re stuck for time, sharing a coffee with them once a week puts a face to your name. Just as you have suggestions for them to work better, they may also have valid suggestions for you. That could be essential advice on things like staff holidays or even down to the recycling rota. Speaking to your staff face to face makes them feel valued and heard.


Incentives give your staff a reason to work hard that isn’t just praise. Providing them with small incentives can be hugely beneficial to their productivity and levels of motivation. Small things such as paying for their lunch, or restaurants vouchers, all the way up to paid holidays or days off gives people something to work for. Doing things for your staff that make them feel appreciated can also help, and a minimal cost to you. Providing fresh fruit or breakfasts in the morning, or installing a Billi water system so they can have hot, cold or sparkling drinks at the touch of a button


Working in a grey cubicle all day with fluorescent white light can be pretty demotivating. If you have the opportunity, try and make your office feel a little more like home. Things like plants and colourful lampshades or artwork can help staff feel happier and in turn more productive. Also, think about the spaces within your office – is there somewhere to relax? The kitchen can be a great place to wind down on breaks. Think about making it homely by fitting it with appliances for cooking and a Billi system so people can chat over a hot drink.

Set an Example

If you leave work early or are on your personal mobile all the time, your staff will think that is acceptable. To really motivate employees, you need to lead by example. Your work ethic and attitude will set the tone for the rest of the office. Staying optimistic, providing logical solutions when faced with adversity and listening and understanding your employees will lead to them doing the same in return.

Career Advancement

If people feel as if they’re working a dead-end job with no opportunity for growth, then they will be unmotivated and lazy just working paycheck to paycheck. Providing people with the opportunity to advance to the next step of their career and encouraging them to do so can be really beneficial to motivation. Training your employees and teaching them skills makes them feel valued and important – like they are an essential part of the team. By really putting time into improving your employees and making them better at their job, they will work harder and more effectively.

These are just a few simple ways to motivate employees. We’d love to hear your suggestions for more. Let us know in the comments below.