Trends for Modern Office Design in the Workplace for 2017


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Trends for Modern Office Design in 2017

Office Design Trends for Your Workplace

Most of us spend eight hours a day or more at work. As such, it’s essential that workplaces are motivational and inspiring. Alongside the people we work with, a source of motivation that is sometimes overlooked is the workplace itself. Innovative and design led offices are becoming more and more popular. Functional, well lit, and colourful spaces that facilitate ease of use and encourage collaboration are starting to become the norm. If you’re looking to redesign your office with your workplace in mind, here are some of the current office design trends. Start moving towards this environment for working, and not only will morale in your workplace improve, your workforce will also be more productive.


Bringing the outdoors, inside, helps promote a natural, healthy workspace. Plants and foliage can encourage productivity and well-being in the workplace. Plants encourage employees to actively engage with their workspace, which is why they work better and more effectively. Though there has been a move towards a more stripped back and bare working environment, plants are essential to get you psychologically engaged. As a result, you are happier and you work better! Bring on the greenery in your new office design.

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Cellular Workspaces

Over the past few years, there has been a move towards open plan office spaces. This kind of flexible, open plan workspace is still on trend, but there is a rise in the creation of cellular spaces within these open plan areas. These spaces encourage collaboration between employees and allow work zone areas that are the perfect mix between collaborative and private. These cellular areas can also help to prevent against distractions that an open work space may present. These areas present people with a choice of how they like to work – in private, or out in the open.


A poorly lit workspace can mean an unmotivated workforce. Wellbeing in the workplace is being a key focus when designing or redesigning office spaces. Large windows and accessible outdoor areas all help to improve moods and raise productivity levels. Sitting next to office windows can help to double an individual’s alertness compared to those stuck in the middle of a room under artificial lights.

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Design for productive well-being is being thought about more by architects and designers. Here at Billi, innovation is at the forefront of everything we do. Our designs encourage health and well-being within workforces and with this comes increased productivity and happiness at work. Our designs contribute towards less staff turnover and decreased employee costs overall. With a small switch to Billi, comes a great impact on your office. Proper hydration helps keep your workforce attentive and motivated. It also costs a fraction of traditional water systems.

Future-Proof Design

Part of redesigning an office is ensuring that the design will work for years to come. Multiple charging points, flexible layouts, and smart office furniture all lead to a highly functioning yet adaptable workspace that can change as and when required. Smart office ideas that combine technology with the workplace such as wireless charging, projectors and connected wireless networks mean that your office should be future proofed for a few years at least!

Though design in the workplace is ever changing, putting well-being, sustainability and design first is the key to a happy workforce. To learn where Billi could help improve your office design, contact us today.