Why the Office Kitchen is the Most Important Space in Your Workplace


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Why the Office Kitchen is One of the Most Important Spaces in Your Workplace

Your Office Kitchen is the Key to Happy Employees

When you’re considering the most important places in your workspace, you’d probably assume it would be the meeting rooms. Perhaps the staff’s desks where they do their work each day? It’s unlikely you would think about the kitchen. However, research shows that offices and workspaces with well designed, stocked up kitchen areas actually have happier employees. A kitchen is a place to unwind, fill up on food, hydrate and relax. The kitchen is where you can have a much-needed break from your screen or phone and engage in some conversation or debate with your colleagues. The size of your kitchen doesn’t matter, it’s more about the space being welcoming, encouraging staff to chat and providing somewhere to eat.

Healthy Employees

Unfortunately, junk food is convenient. It’s quick, cheap and can be eaten on the go. If there isn’t much of an office kitchen, it can be really tempting to get some unhealthy food just because it’s easy. However, if the office kitchen is well stocked with a microwave, toaster, fridge and utensils, staff have a space to prepare healthier food or store their food. If you think your staff struggle with healthy eating ideas they can prepare in the office, why not print out recipe ideas each week that can be cooked using a microwave or toaster? We love wholegrain pittas warmed in the toaster filled with a handful of spinach, hummus and tomatoes! Super easy, and healthy.Ideally, people will prep food at home the night before and bring in healthy left-overs for lunch. This makes it essential to provide somewhere for them to re-heat it.

Similarly to junk food, it can be easy to pick up a can of fizzy drink instead of waiting for the kettle to boil, or tap to run cold. This is why Billi taps in the kitchen could work for you, they provide hot, cold and sparkling water instantly. Encourage your staff to stay hydrated by keeping their drinks exciting! Keep squash, tea and coffee in the cupboards so they don’t get bored.

Casual Meeting Space

Meeting spaces are always in demand. If there are ideas to be shared, your employees need somewhere to share them! Treating your kitchen as an overflow meeting room could be useful. If it’s not a formal meeting and people don’t want to be cramped around a single desk, why not encourage using the kitchen as a break space. This involves a little bit of office kitchen design and making sure there are enough seats and tables. But when there are? You’re good to go! Not only does the kitchen act as a great place to share ideas, you’re also super close to your Billi tap, meaning in-meeting brain fuel in the form of hot or cold drinks! Embrace “coffee-shop culture” and encourage your staff to work in the kitchen as well as well as relax.

Screentime Break

Looking at a screen all day can be tough. It’s mentally challenging, and for your staff to stay at peak productivity, it’s vital that they take breaks. The office kitchen is a great area to break away from the screen and relax. By providing an area where workers feel comfortable, after their break, they will feel more motivated. Another idea to consider other than offering the usual tea/coffee is to provide fruit or snacks. Research by Fruitful Office shows that by simply offering fresh fruit to staff, you can increase productivity by more than 10%. Over three-quarters of those surveyed revealed that the offer of the fruit made them feel more valued, and almost 80% said it made them feel healthier. If you can provide an area for staff to have a break, while simultaneously making them feel valued, your staff will be motivated and happy!

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