Stay Hydrated at Festivals this Summer - 4 Top Tips


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Our Top Tips to Stay Hydrated at Festivals this Summer

So you’ve got your ticket, but now it’s time to learn how to stay hydrated at festivals this summer.

With festival season now in full swing and the excitement bubbling for those live acts and late nights, it can be easy to forget about simple self-care that will keep you safe and healthy during that long weekend.

But alongside remembering to pack your sunscreen, it’s essential that you also swat up on how to stay hydrated during summer festivals. Especially with those hot summer days. 

One of the top conditions seen in medical tents at summer music festivals is dehydration, and the last thing you want is to spend a day with the medical team while your favourite band is killing it on the main stage. 

To help ensure you have the time of your life at this summer’s biggest festivals, we’ve listed our top tips to keep you hydrated. 


Take a Reusable Water Bottle 

This year’s Glastonbury festival banned single-use plastic bottles, and many other festivals are leading the way.

Which means getting yourself a reusable water bottle is essential if you want to reduce your plastic use and keep well hydrated. 

As many festivals now have water filling stations to help you stay hydrated, it’s wise to top up your water bottle first thing in the morning and then make an effort to visit it again during regular breaks.

Ideally, try to drink a few good few glasses of water before you even begin your day. 

It’s also wise to carry a larger hydration pack which means you can top up your fluids much quicker, rather than waiting in the long queue for the water fountain. 


Alternate Your Drinks 

If you’re a regular at festivals you’ll know that alcohol and caffeine often fuel the experience. But these drinks are notorious dehydrators, and won’t help you stay hydrated. 

Although you may be drinking plenty of both, in the long run, they will make you feel more dehydrated. 

Get into the habit of alternating between these drinks with plenty of water. So for each alcoholic or caffeinated drink you consume, ensure to drink a glass of water after each. 

By doing this you’ll not only slow down your pace of drinking, but it will offset the diuretic effect these drinks have on your body. Plus it really helps to take the sting out of that heavy head the next morning. 


Eat Water-rich Fruit and Veg

While gorging yourself on all the carb dense foods is easy to do at a summer festival, try to remember to include plenty of water-rich fruits and vegetables into your diet. 

It’s estimated that around 20% of our total water intake during the day comes from the foods we eat.  

By maintaining a high level of water-rich foods, you can still enjoy the burger and chips, but also give your body what it really needs with a little melon or some leafy greens.

Water-rich foods include grapes, melons, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Carry some around with you to snack on during the day, or add a portion to your breakfast in the morning to kickstart your day in the right way. 


Take Sun breaks 

We know you want to get that festival tan, but the more your body is exposed to the sun, the more water your body needs.

Just think of yourself like a houseplant, too much sun and not enough water and you’ll soon be wilting. 

As well as regularly applying sunscreen, wear a hat and sunglasses and try to take plenty of breaks from the sun in a well-shaded area. 

Festivals are an experience of a lifetime, so keep these hydration tips in mind at your next summer event so you can truly make the most of it.