24 Jan 2019

Category: Heath

Coca Cola, Coffee and Tea – How Much Caffeine is in These Drinks?

Is there an alternative to caffeinated drinks? We are all becoming more aware of the side-effects caffeine can have on our ...

16 Jan 2019

Category: Educational

Under Counter Water Boilers – The Technology Behind it

Good Things Come in Small Packages Billi under counter water boiling systems take up a small space, have little impact on ...

07 Jan 2019

Category: Educational

Does Coffee Actually Increase Your Metabolism?

Coffee and It's Effect on Metabolism Studies suggest that coffee does have an effect on metabolism, at least in the short-term. ...

02 Jan 2019

Category: Educational How to...

How to Motivate Your Employees In the New Year

Motivate Employees With These Easy Tips As the New Year begins, it can be hard to get staff motivated and working ...

13 Dec 2018

Category: Eco

A Plastic-Free Christmas in the Workplace

Make Your Office Plastic-Free This Christmas Cutting down on plastic is hard. Especially when everything seems to be wrapped in the ...