10 Jul 2019

Category: Company News

10 Tips on Going Plastic-Free

July marks plastic free month, and what better way to step up to the challenge than getting our top tips ...

09 Jul 2019

Category: Company News

Tea Trend to Try in 2019

The tea trends of 2019 are ever more innovative and extravagant as our taste buds become more complex. While coffee was ...

08 Jul 2019

Category: Company News

Our Top Tips to Stay Hydrated at Festivals this Summer

So you've got your ticket, but now it's time to learn how to stay hydrated at festivals this summer. With ...

02 Jul 2019

Category: Company News

Billi taps into its Net Promoter Score surveys to support Talking2Minds

We are proud to have raised a magnificent £500 for Talking2Minds. Achieving this through donating £1 for every Net Promoter ...

01 Jul 2019

Category: Educational

‘Architects Declare’ Commitment to Sustainability

Committing to Sustainable Building with Architects Declare The last month saw many UK architects addressing the global climate crisis through pledging ...