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office space

The Most Ambitious Office Spaces of 2019

Office spaces are in demand across the UK. From businesses seeking modern workplaces to grow their teams, to the rise in flexible workspaces. There has never been a more prominent time to…

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billi tap plastic footprint

Can A Billi Tap Change Your Plastic Footprint?

By choosing a Billi tap in your office, you can dramatically reduce the plastic footprint of your business.  According to research by the Environmental Audit Committee, consumption of bottled water in the…

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filtered water tap

How a Filtered Water Tap Can Improve Workplace Hydration

Adding a filtered water tap into your workspace not only provides a convenient way to access fresh water, but it can also support workplace hydration.  In the UK we don’t drink enough…

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tech trends changing workspaces

The Ones to Watch – Tech Trends Changing Workspaces

Tech trends changing workspaces is nothing new. We’ve already seen how technology can enable us to work remotely from other countries, provide us with more software than hardware, and help us to…

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artificial intelligence workspace

How Will Artificial Intelligence Change Our Workspace

Artificial intelligence will change our workspace as we know it. As innovators in the water filter industry, it’s essential that we keep our focus forward. The future will arrive, and in order…

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