26 Jun 2019

Category: Educational

Making Iced Coffee With Your Billi Tap

Is Making Your Own Iced Coffee Healthier? Nothing says summer to us more than an iced coffee. Trading in the hot ...

25 Jun 2019

Category: Educational

How Drinking Water Can Benefit Your Dental Health

Dental Health and How Drinking Water Can Help We all know drinking water is good for your physical health. Hydration is ...

21 Jun 2019

Category: Educational

What Makes Billi Sparkling Water Taps So Unique?

Everything You Need to Know About Sparkling Water Since its accidental invention in 1767, sparkling water has been tickling taste buds ...

19 Jun 2019

Category: Educational

How Can Billi Help with CPD?

CPD: What is Continuing Professional Development & How Can Billi Help? What is CPD? Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a system which ...

18 Jun 2019

Category: Educational

Sustainable Gastronomy Day June 2019

It's Sustainable Gastronomy Day - What Does That Mean? Sustainable Gastronomy Day is a day facilitated by the UN member states ...