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Filter Replacement - Billi Quadra

How to Change Water Filter Cartridges

Over time, water filter cartridges accumulate organic matter via the filtration process which can lead to biofilm development. This accumulation can then impact the performance of your system and affect the quality…

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5 micron & sub-micron - Pentair filters

When to Replace Water Filters

We all know that staying hydrated is so important for our health & well-being, and the quality & taste of the water you drink can make all the difference as to how…

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sparkling water

Elevate Diner Experience with Filtered Sparkling Water on Tap

Fizzy water on offer is now the norm for diners and is increasing in popularity, so it’s no wonder demand is increasing for carbonated water systems for restaurants. Having high-quality sparkling water…

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Billi tap in action

Pricing and Benefits of Billi Taps

From more hydrated employees which can increase productivity & positivity to having sparkling water on tap to offer clients, there are many benefits to having the Billi tap installed in your office…

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Filtered Water vs Tap Water

In the UK, there are regulations in place that ensure all water companies supply safe tap water. So, are water filters worth it? Below we outline the differences between filtered water vs…

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