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Reduce Your CO2 Emissions With A Billi Water System

Cut Your Carbon Footprint With A Billi Tap

At Billi, our aim is to produce energy efficient water systems. As a company, we intend to reduce contributions to greenhouse gas from the corporate sector, by reducing CO2 emissions through our innovative designs.

The environment is one of the main focuses of Billi designers. Traditional office water coolers and kettles are not environmentally friendly – we offer an eco-friendly solution to this problem. Our water system designs offer the very best in “innovation, superior performance and reliability.” These things combined lead to fewer carbon emissions, therefore saving you money. Don’t believe us? Just look at the figures.

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CO2 is one of the leading causes of global warming. Our carbon footprint can easily be reduced by making simple conscious choices every day. Nowadays, many business’s social and environmental awareness is improving, because an effort is being made to reduce CO2 emissions from the workplace.  This is where Billi’s unique designs play a part! Billi products encourage businesses to take their corporate social responsibility seriously. They not only encourage a  more eco-friendly workplace but also contribute to saving businesses money on a daily basis by saving them energy.

Cooling and heating water creates a lot of waste energy. Billi’s heat exchange technology recovers and reuses this energy to preheat the boiling water, thereby making a significant cost saving. In addition, high-performance polyethylene insulation holds water temperature, thus also saving energy. These aspects of design, allow businesses to make an environmentally responsible choice for their workplace by choosing Billi products. To show how effective Billi taps are at saving energy compared to kettles and watercoolers, here’s some more information…reduce CO2 Billi

Every day on average, kettles and water coolers, emit around 8.92kg of CO2. In comparison, a Billi tap unit, which provides both hot and cold water at the touch of a button, will emit around 0.38kg. This is a phenomenal difference and reduction in emissions from Billi taps! It not only benefits the environment but also reduces the amount of energy required to heat or cool water. These kind of differences are huge, and can really make a difference. If you’re looking to make a change to your carbon footprint, take a look at our selection of taps. See which one would work best for your workplace! Did we mention we also do sparkling water taps? Billi taps provide ultimate refreshments with cold, boiling and sparkling water in an instant.

Conscious choices concerning energy and the planet need to be made in the workplace as well as at home. Hence why Billi is so keen to encourage people to make the change to one of our taps as opposed to traditional water systems. Alongside the obvious benefits to the environment, when you switch to Billi, there will also be benefits to your pocket!

If the environmental benefits haven’t yet swayed you, how about the financial benefits? As opposed to an average of £2.07 a day for traditional water systems, Billi taps cost on average £0.09 a day. Find out how much you could be saving if you make the swap using our Billi “Green Calculator.” See how you can make savings using a Billi system now.