Refreshing Summer Drink Ideas - One of Your 7 Glasses of Water a Day


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Refreshing Summer Drinks Ideas

Staying hydrated during summer is vital. Hot weather means we need to drink more as we lose fluid through our sweat. However, drinking 7 glasses of still water a day can get dull. This is why we have compiled this list of refreshing summer drinks to liven up your summer drinking habits. Here are some fruity, zesty, thirst quenching beverages that all still count as one of your 7 glasses of water a day.

Virgin Mojito – A classic minty favourite, mojitos are usually served with rum. For ultimate hydration for summer though, leave out the alcohol. To make a virgin mojito, all you need is mint, sugar, lime, sparkling water and ice. Bring the ingredients to work in a Tupperware box, and create this fresh beverage in the office! Start by cutting the lime into three-quarters and put these in your glass. Add 10 large mint leaves, then sparkling water from your Billi tap. After this, muddle all the ingredients in your glass with a spoon. Be careful not to over do it and crush the ingredients too much. Add the ice and give a gentle stir to combine the ingredients. To finish, garnish with a piece of mint and the last quarter of lime, plus sugar to sweeten to desired taste.

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Infused Water – The possibilities here really are endless. With so many fruits and herbs available, infused water can be any flavour you want it. However, here are our favourites!

Grapefruit and Rosemary.

Herbs and citrus go so well together. Both refreshing and great for a detox due to the grapefruit! Simply fill a large glass bottle with still water from your Billi tap. Then add half a grapefruit and a few sprigs of rosemary and let sit overnight. The next morning you will have an amazingly refreshing drink to sip on throughout the day.

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Strawberry, Basil and Lemon.

These drink recipes are all about refreshment, and my this one is refreshing! The strawberries add sweetness, and the lemon brings a tang that contrasts perfectly with the basil. Fill your bottle with water, then add 4-6 cut strawberries and half a cut lemon. Before adding the basil, make sure it has been scrunched up a little as this helps release the flavour. After this, add some ice and leave to chill and infuse for a few hours.

Iced Tea – Sometimes it is just too hot for tea. Iced tea is the perfect solution. You can make lemon, peach, raspberry and so many more flavours and it’s super simple to do. Pour four cups of boiling water from your Billi tap over two teabags into a pyrex jug and leave for up to five minutes. Remove the teabags, and sweeten to taste by adding a little sugar. Stir in four cups of cold water to chill. Add in freshly cut lemon slices for a citrus zing, then keep refrigerated. For fruit versions of this tea, simply add pureed strawberries instead of lemon then strain before drinking.