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How to operate...Billi XT Touch Tap

The Billi XT Tap in action

The Billi touch tap. An awesome dispenser of equally awesome filtered drinking water.

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How to operate...Billi XL Lever Tap

The Billi XL Tap in action

Awesome filtered drinking water, dispensed by the awesome Billi Lever tap. See it in operation.

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Filter Replacement - Billi Quadra

How to change the filter in a Billi Quadra

Billi recommends a filter change twice a year in all its systems. This filter in the video is the 994001 internal filter which has a 5-stage filtration.

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5 micron & sub-micron - Pentair filters

How to change the filter in a Billi Sahara, Alpine and Eco

A step by step video guide to replacing the internal filter on some Billi systems. This is the 994001 odour, taste and sediment filter.

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Billi - CO2 canister replacement - how to change

How to change the Co2 canister for a Billi system.

Follow our step-by-step guide for an easy replacement of your Co2 canister.

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