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Is Safety an Important Factor in Tap Design?

Boiling tap design – what are the dangers?

Here, at Billi, we always believe in innovation for the products that we create. We believe it drives our designers to think more effectively and efficiently to create high quality products suitable for workplace. Other than stylish tap design and highly-functioning products, we also intend to create a range of water taps that are safe and secure.

With our boiling water taps we want to completely eradicate the risk of scalding and burning that can occur from splash-back of hot water. Some recently designed taps from our competitors may look great in appearance, but the designers have perhaps neglected certain safety concerns.

Safety First!

One of the most important concerns for the boiling taps is the risk of potential burns. A way we have reduced this risk is to keep the dispense control above the point of dispense of the boiling water. If it is positioned below, there is a very strong risk that the boiling water will splash onto your hands and scald. It is easy to forget the importance of reducing burning risk when design is also a main priority, but we put a keen focus on safety here at Billi. We would never release a product that puts design before safety.

We take safety concerns very seriously, therefore all of our boiling and chilled dispensers appear with an integrated safety switch. The red lock icon indicates when the safety switch is being used. Our systems are fitted with modern technology, meaning when the tap is not being used after 8 seconds, it will revert back to the safety mode. All of our boiling water taps incorporate these safety measures. Our splash-free technology briefly slows down the water as it leaves the dispenser. This process reduces the risk of splashing back from your cup, therefore reducing the risk of users burning themselves.

Our Quadra Plus Systems dispense boiling & chilled filtered water from one tap. This tap is always safe to touch, and hot & cold hand wash and dishwash water comes from a separate mixer tap.  Having researched the market, and taking on board the concerns regarding staff making the mistake of dispensing boiling water when they require only hot water, Billi has decided to keep the water temperatures completely separate in two different complementing styles of tap.

Not Just Safe

Not only do we have safety in mind. We are also very environmentally conscious. Not only do our taps offer safe usage but they also encourage sustainability. Staff in the workplace are able to use their refillable water bottles, taking away the need for single-use plastic bottles. The modern technology used produces a stream of crystal clear water whilst being energy efficient.

The heat exchange technology within the Billi Quadra Systems harvests the heat energy from the chilling process. This then goes to pre-heat the water going to the boiling side, so less electrical energy is required to get the water up to the 98.5C which the water dispenses at.

Billi offer a range of stylishly designed boiling and chilled taps that will produce a crisp and clear flow of water. Each sleek tap brings functionality and aesthetically pleasing design. As well as these qualities, our innovative and creative ideas for tap design prioritise your safety first. If you’re interested in installing Billi taps in your workplace, please get in touch with one of our sales team. Put your staff’s hydration and safety first with our innovative and design-led products.