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Sparkling Vs. Still Water – Who Will Win?

Sparkling Water – is it better than plain old tap water?

Carbonated water is water that has been infused with carbon dioxide gas under pressure. This produces a bubbly drink that’s also known as sparkling water. Filtered sparkling water systems are a great, natural, healthier substitute to drinking tap water. Billi systems can provide sparkling water at the touch of a button – perfect for that instant fizz.

On Demand Chilled Filtered Tap


Sparkling water is a pleasant, refreshing alternative to fizzy drinks that are often high in sugar and pose several health threats. High sugar content can lead to high cholesterol and tooth decay! Sparkling water is also a fun, different way to increase your daily intake of water. We know that 8 glasses of still water can feel like a chore… For many, drinking enough water each day is a task that gets overlooked. So, filtered sparkling water can encourage you to stay hydrated.

If you’re looking for something that will stop you reaching for that pack of biscuits at 3pm in the afternoon, then a glass of sparkling water may be your answer. Sparkling water can extend or create a feeling of fullness after a meal. This means you will feel fuller for longer and therefore won’t snack as much or as often!

For those who suffer with digestive issues, studies have shown reports that carbonated water significantly reduces symptoms of chronic digestive issues. It has shown to reduce constipation and improve bowel movement.

Sparkling water from Billi taps is filtered and sugar-free. If you want to add your own cordial, choose a sugar free one too! Unfortunately though, bottles of flavoured sparkling water from your local shop may still not be as good for you as you think. Sometimes when manufacturers list ‘natural flavours’ as an ingredient, these can still be ‘flavour adding chemicals from artificial sources.’

Mix It Up

For some, plain, sparkling water may be a bit on the boring side. That doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. The following ideas will have you investing in a Billi hydration system in no time…

  • Add some crushed berries to your sparkling water for a sweet, fruity twist.
  • Or how about lemon and limes for a zesty glass of refreshment that will have you hopping out of bed in the morning?
  • Cucumber ribbons added to sparkling water are not only very pretty, but cucumber infused water also promotes hydration, lower blood pressure and aids weight loss.
  • You can even add herbs, such as, mint or rosemary.
  • A slice of watermelon and a few basil leaves added to sparkling water will leave you dreaming of sitting on a beach somewhere exotic.

Our Alpine Sparkling System is a filtered chilled and sparkling water system which provides chilled and professional sparkling water instantly. You can even adjust the level of sparkling to suit your taste. So, instead of purchasing a bottle of flavoured, sparkling water that might contain hidden nasties, why not invest in our Sparkling System and change the way you drink water from the comfort of your own home or office.