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Specifiers: Why Billi Systems Are Perfect for Your Project

Specifiers: Four Reasons Why Billi Products are the Perfect Match for Your Project

If you are an architect or interior designer then Billi products are the unbeatable choice for your project. Why? Because our taps are designed specifically with you in mind. Available in an abundance of different styles and finishes, with an emphasis on functionality and sustainability, our taps will work with you rather than against you. Whether you’re designing a space for 5 or 500 workers, with a requirement for sparkling, chilled or boiling taps, we have a product that will fit your vision seamlessly. If you need further persuasion, we’ve lined up four reasons why your project & Billi products are a partnership made in heaven.


We recognise the priorities of designers and architects who have sustainability and productivity in mind. From this is born our SET advantage: Space, Energy and Time.

  • Space – Our innovative, ventilation-free systems are up to 50% smaller than our competitor’s, allowing your design to be more economical and streamlined. Under counter technology will give you the flexibility and freedom to create truly stunning spaces.
  • Energy – Our heat exchange technology means heat that would usually be lost through chilling is re-absorbed and stored. This waste energy is then harnessed and re-routed in order to preheat the boiling water – resulting in significant energy savings.
  • Time – Our cutting-edge technology results in systems that are efficient and time-saving. Billi systems have the highest instant dispense cup rates, dispensing 90-250 cups of boiling water per hour. Meanwhile, the 7 day time switch means that the system runs only when it is required.


We know that you want appliances that will enhance your project, rather than compromise or detract from it. This is why all of our designs are the product of a close partnership with architects, interior designers and product designers. The result: Taps that are created to integrate harmoniously with any design. The huge range of different styles, sizes and finishes mean that it’s easy to find the perfect fit, no matter what the project.

Due to our boiling, chilling and ambient systems being ventilation-free, there’s no limit on where they can fit either. Our standard Quadra, Quadra Plus, Alpine and Sahara, are all designed with under-counter technology. This means significantly smaller systems to incorporate, which will allow your space to be freed up and thus more flexible, streamlined designs.

We aren’t complacent about design. We are continuously looking to develop and improve our products and are always striving to be the best in the market. The result is a continuous supply of new and exciting products at the cutting-edge of the industry. Keep an eye out for brand new products released over the coming year…

Sustainability & Energy Saving

These days, limiting environmental impact is everything. Billi are completely committed to producing the most energy efficient products possible. Our innovative heat-exchange technology transformed our taps in the 90’s and means we are still leading the way for commercial boiling taps today. By capturing the heat energy that would usually be released to the atmosphere, our taps utilise it to pre-heat water for boiling. Not only does this save energy, it makes boiling water super speedy – perfect for busy, thirsty workers!

As a company who prioritise the environment in everything we do, we’re proud to produce systems that are unbeatable on sustainability. Our units save a huge amount of CO2 in comparison to conventional commercial taps.

Through such achievements, we’re contributing to award-winning workplaces. One is the Bloomberg building, named the UK’s best new building by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in 2018. The world’s leading sustainability assessment method, BREEAM, awarded the building an ‘Outstanding’ rating – and a staggering score of 98.5%. The official Bloomberg website states this to be ‘the highest design-stage score ever achieved by any major office development and recognises the development’s innovative environmental strategies, which deliver a 73% saving in water consumption and a 35% saving in energy consumption compared with a typical office building.’

Trust & Support

The last thing you want when designing a workplace is to worry about appliances meeting safety regulations. With Billi products you can rest assured: our chilled and boiling water taps are all WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved. In other words, our product is approved as safe and suitably efficient for use in UK workplaces. Every Billi tap can be installed with the assurance of being totally legally approved and regulation-complicit.

When you use Billi products in your designs, you can do so with confidence. Not only are our products designed by architects, they are also approved by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). So when it comes to incorporating water taps into your projects, you know your choice is backed by professionals.

Above safe and quality products, we can also offer architects and designers resources to make the job easier. Our downloadable materials include CAD designs, DWG drawings, data sheets, installation guides, commercial energy reports, detailed specifications, and more. As well as this, we can provide a large library full of lifestyle images and case studies. There’s nothing like seeing something in action to spark the imagination: this content will allow you to see Billi products in real workplaces. And if you’re interested to read about the Billi experience then you’ll have access to glowing testimonials from some of the leading facilities managers and architects.

See for Yourself!

With unparalleled functionality, sustainability and design, Billi products are the perfect match for your project. Our huge range of sleek designs and finishes, along with our revolutionary technology, offers you the freedom and support you need to create truly remarkable workplaces.

But don’t take our word for it: come and experience Billi products for yourself and find out what they can bring to your designs. We can even host a tailored CPD presentation, showcasing our designs and their specification to your chosen audience – simply contact our sales team to arrange or complete the form below.