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A Step by Step Guide to Moving Office

Moving Office – A Step by Step Guide

Moving office is daunting… We know, we’re doing it! In order to try and ease the stress of anybody else who is moving, we’ve made a series of blog posts to try and cover everything we wished we knew when we started the moving process. We also hope to inform and enlighten with our tips and tricks that we’ve picked up along the way.

So here’s our condensed step by step guide to moving office.

Budget & Inventory

Once you’ve found your new space, considered your requirements, and whether the new space works for you, it’s time to get the ball rolling. Firstly, you want to have a strict budget and timeline in place for the move. This helps everybody work towards deadlines – it’s helpful for staff and suppliers/clients to know exactly when the move is planned for.

When you’ve got the date set for the move, you need to start taking an inventory of what you have. Figure out what you need and don’t need, and use the move as a time to declutter or minimise your furniture or electricals. If you need to upgrade – now is the time! When you have an inventory set out in list form, it’s time to start delegating a moving committee and encouraging people to start packing for the move date.


For any move, try as hard as you can to stick to the timeline. It can be stressful, but everything needs a timeline in order to be able to transition smoothly. If there are problems that stop the business operating, there could be trouble.

Planning meticulously will help prevent any problems arising. Create a floor plan that is carefully thought out. Think about the location of the IT department for example. Are they near enough power sources or the server room? It’s always best to think about this before the move to prevent chaos.

When it comes to the time of the move, the business should be slowed down and prepared to make the transition. Do not move during your busiest time of year! Inform everybody necessary about the move to ensure they are understanding if response or service times are slower.

Make sure everybody has packed their own cubicle, and those responsible for communal areas have done their bit. Ensure that all employees are aware of how to safely pack their belongings, to prevent damage to the items or injury to staff.

Set Up IT/Phones

On the move day, you’ll want to make sure that the IT department is set up first. That is usually the most important department in any business, as the phones and internet have to be working for normal operating to resume. Making sure the IT department is up and working efficiently means everything else can slot into place around it. For example, emails and phone calls can still take place. These are especially essential if there are a lot of queries about the move from suppliers or clients.

After setting up the IT department, focus on the next most important departments. Depending on your business, this will probably be customer service. Ensure all technology and electrical equipment are moved first. People can work without dining tables in the canteen, but they cannot work without phones, computers or essential machinery.


Set up all phone lines and systems. Distribute all phone lists and department locations to those who need them, including clients and suppliers. While moving, ensure everybody has the correct emergency details should something go wrong, and help settle all employees into their new office with refreshments. Have help on hand to ensure items are going to their correct locations, and that the floorplan is being carried out properly. If necessary, colour code items to ensure they go to the right place!

A few days after moving, you’ll soon know if everything is going smoothly. Or, if everything is in the right place. When you know everything is working properly in your new space, ensure everything is wrapped up with your old office. Get the deposit back, hand key cards back and check all filing, mail and post has the new address on.

Finally, when you’re settled, throw a welcome party! We hope this has helped make the moving process a little easier for you – let us know what your essential tips are in the comments.