Tea Vs. Coffee - Which is Most Popular in the United Kingdom?


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Tea Vs. Coffee – Which is Most Popular?

Is Tea or Coffee More Popular in the UK?

The camps of tea drinkers and coffee drinkers are often at war with each other. Each side insists their choice of hot beverage is the winner, but which is actually more popular among the people?


Daily, Brits drink around 165 million cups of tea. Usually, it is taken with the preferred ‘milk, no sugar’, which is the most popular way to take breakfast tea, or with a dash of milk and one sugar. Britons are renowned for drinking tea as though their life depends on it, and we certainly live up to the rumours. It’s not often you’ll go a day in the office without seeing every person drink at least one cup. Obviously, the usual ‘go-to’ is breakfast tea, but we’re partial to a mug of earl grey and green tea from time to time too!

In 2017, in honour of national tea day, the Telegraph compiled a list of 10 teas, as voted for by the public from best to worst. Here are the most popular teas in the UK:

  • Yorkshire Tea
  • Twinings Tea
  • PG Tips
  • Clipper
  • Tetley Tea

If you’re a hardened tea drinker, what’s your go-to tea bag brand? Or, do you look past breakfast tea and go for herbal? Let us know in the comments below.


The UK’s coffee consumption has soared to 95 million cups a day in 2018, up from 70 million in 2008. With coffee drinking on the rise, and coffee shops popping up in every other unit on the high street, it’s no surprise it looks as though coffee will soon beat tea for the no. 1 spot of ‘most popular hot drink in the UK’.

The Verdict

Though coffee drinking is certainly on the rise, tea is still the most popular hot drink within the UK. Appealing to everybody, from the young to the old, a good cup of tea has a sweet taste with calming properties. With very little caffeine in tea when compared to coffee, it can also help relax those who drink it, as opposed to encouraging alertness through a high caffeine content.

Unlike coffee, tea does not have a bitter or astringent taste, so is liked by a wider variety of individuals. With the ever-increasing coffee culture though, many diverse ways of taking coffee have popped up. From cortado; a 1/2 espresso, 1/2 smooth milk short drink, to affogato; espresso with a scoop of ice cream, there’s a coffee beverage to suit every palette.

For us here at Billi, we think we’ll be parked firmly in the middle of the tea camp and coffee camp. Nothing beats a morning coffee at your desk, followed by a cup of tea at 11 am. Oh, and then a caffeine pick me up at lunchtime, and another hot mug of tea come 3 pm. Variation is fine by us, and exactly how we like it! Alternating between tea and coffee means we get to use our Billi boiling taps to the best of their ability.