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The Best Boiling Water Tap For Your Office Space

Choosing an instant boiling water tap for your office space can support the hydration of your team. From providing hot drinks to pure filtered water, Billi taps are being chosen by many businesses and brands that want to improve their office space. 

In the modern workplace, people want more from their office space. It’s not just about the fun perks that you put in place, but the benefits that can support their health and wellbeing. More organisations are looking at their workspace and how it can be adapted to meet our modern lifestyles. 

A major part of this is choosing systems and solutions that can aid movement, hydration and healthier eating. This is part of the reason our Billi taps have becoming increasingly popular. 

But the question many organisations face when choosing a boiling water tap is which one to choose. With more than 20 years’ experience in creating and building filtered water systems, we now have a range of taps that can cater to your needs. 

When considering which boiling water tap to have in your office space, we believe there are a few areas you should consider. 

Style & Design of Your Boiling Water Tap

According to a survey by Deloitte, office refurbishments now outnumber new builds. Meaning more businesses are investing heavily in existing spaces rather than building an office from scratch. The rise of the ‘mega HQ’ as it’s being dubbed, has seen more brands invest in their office space and create an environment that aligns with their company culture. 

When you’ve invested heavily in your office space, you’re going to want to add systems that complement the style and design. 

With this in mind, our Billi boiling water taps have been designed with an exceptional range of styles available. 

Working alongside architects, designers, engineers and end-users, our Billi boiling water taps now consist of different styles of tap in a range of finishes. Providing clean, sophisticated designs that fit seamlessly into a modern office space. 

Our XL Levered Boiling Water tap is a standard modern tap style that can suit a number of modern workspaces. However, for those that love tech and want a smart feel to their tap, the XT Touch has no levers and operates via a smart touchpad.  

These are just a few of the boiling water taps we have at Billi. It’s important to understand how you want your tap to look, and the environment it will be placed within. 

Functionality of Your Boiling Water Tap

As a business, it’s essential to know that the solutions and systems you invest in will support your team. 

With more workplace benefits being added into the mix, any new addition has to meet the user’s needs. After all, if you’re going to add a new feature into the office space, you want to know that it will be used. 

Functionality is at the forefront of the design and style of our Billi boiling water taps. No matter the people you have working in your office, the ease of use makes a Billi tap ideal for all organisations. 

Unlike traditional hot water dispensers, our Billi boiling water taps, electronically control the delivery of boiling water. Ensuring user safety, the flow slows as the water exits the dispenser. This means there is no splashing of hot water as it enters the cup. 

All Billi boiling water taps also come with an integrated safety switch. The red lock icon shows when the safety switch is active. And for further safety, the system will activate safety mode after 8 seconds of non-use. 

The Space Needed

In the UK city office spaces now come at a premium rate. This means any office feature may take up costly space. Every square foot now has to be thought about. How will it improve the atmosphere, and is it in a place where people will use it? 

When considering new additions to office space, it is vital that you think about how that feature can be best utilised in the environment. 

At Billi, we’ve long understood the need for efficient and space-saving solutions that can fit into a small modern workspace.  

The Billi Quadra Plus is by far the smallest under the counter footprint of its kind in the world. In fact, it is often half the size of others on the market. It can fit within 500mm cabinet, and the under-counter unit is designed to maximise the space under the sink. Even though it is a twin tap system, it only needs one under-counter unit. 

For an office space, this means a boiling water tap can be utilised in even the smallest spaces, and not take up precious room for storage. 

When it comes to discovering the best Billi boiling water tap for your office space, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. As you can see, you need to understand your office space needs before you can choose a design and function that will fit seamlessly into your space.