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The Health Benefits of Charcoal Infused Water

At Billi, we love revealing how you can infuse your still or sparkling water to make hydration more enjoyable. With this in mind,  we thought we would reveal the increasing popularity of charcoal-infused water.

While you may already infuse your water with fruit, charcoal infusion is a rising health trend. Seen in the hands of health influencers and celebrities, more people are wondering where this trend has come from. 

You may have already seen activated charcoal popping up in face masks, toothpaste and in capsule form. However, many people also infuse activated charcoal into their daily glass of water. 

What Is Activated Charcoal? 

When you think of the word ‘charcoal’, you probably imagine something you add to your BBQ or your fire. But rest assured, activated charcoal is one step beyond this. 

Activated charcoal is made from carbon-containing materials such as wood, coconut shells or bamboo. It is heated at extremely high temperatures to produce charcoal, then oxidised. This is a process known as activation. 

By going through this multi-step process, the charcoal becomes extremely porous. 

Once the charcoal is activated, it acts as a powerful magnet, absorbing any toxic molecules it comes into contact with. 

Generally, activated charcoal is odourless, tasteless and nontoxic. However, you should always purchase your activated charcoal from a trusted health foods supplier. 

What Are the Health Benefits? 

As with any new health fad, there are a number of claims about the benefits of charcoal-infused water. 

These range from cleansing us of toxins, and even curing hangovers. The trouble with many of these claims is that research still needs to be done in order to truly verify them. 

To date, there are no studies to back-up the health benefits of ingesting activated charcoal.

Some studies have looked at specific cases. For example, the University of Michigan conducted research on how activated charcoal could possibly cure poisoning. However, this is very loosely related to its impact on toxins. So far no full health test has been conducted. 

The long term benefits of drinking activated charcoal are still unknown. 

Many diet products and beauty products claim charcoal as a benefit. However many nutritionists see this as a marketing strategy.

Why Add Charcoal to Water? 

Charcoal-infused water may not have any direct impacts on the health of our body, but it can improve the quality of the water. 

Activated charcoal sticks have been used as natural water purifiers in Japan since the 17th century. Due to its porous surface, it helps attract contaminants found in tap water. 

Therefore, sometimes carrying charcoal sticks with you to drink unfiltered tap water can help to ensure it is clean to drink.

You don’t need to infuse your Billi tap water with charcoal, but it’s good to know that activated charcoal sticks are a great trick for adding to your water bottle when out and about.