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The Benefits of Hands-Free Sensor Kitchen Taps

Infrared taps including sensor kitchen taps are growing in popularity in both residential and commercial settings. Below is why more and more people are shifting to sensor sink taps and the features of our Firewall® Tower infrared tap that make it an industry-leading hands-free tap option.

Established in 1989, we have continued to embrace superior technologies to create cutting-edge products, like our hands-free or accessible taps, to provide our customers with fresh filtered drinking water, sustainably. We offer a variety of service plans to suit customers’ requirements with the BilliCare Customer Support team which includes a network of trained service technicians & service agents to provide technically correct, prompt and reliable service. Here are the benefits of sensor sink taps and the features of our Firewall® Tower infrared tap:


Benefits Of Sensor Sink Taps

Infrared taps are ideal for a variety of applications such as high-traffic workplaces, food & beverage venues and where hygiene is a particular focus such as health or aged care facilities. One of the main benefits of sensor sink taps is improved hygiene as hands-free operation means the spread of germs and bacteria is minimised. Hands-free taps are also particularly useful in the food industry – when hands are covered in ingredients touching taps can be messy, but can also be a hazard in terms of cross-contamination – especially when handling raw meats. Sensor sink taps are also great for minimising water wastage and with modern designs, they can complement a wide range of both commercial and residential settings.

Firewall® Tower Infrared Tap

Compatible with Billi’s existing Quadra range, the Firewall® Tower takes hands-free taps to the next level with innovation and superior performance & reliability. Industry-leading purification and infrared sensors provide contactless instant access to highly purified, great-tasting boiling and chilled water. Features of the Firewall® Tower include:


  • Energy reclaim technology that delivers substantial energy savings
  • Robust infra-red sensor technology
  •  UVC technology eradicates germs just before the water reaches the glass
  • BioCote® technology on all key surfaces prevents microbial growth helping to reduce unpleasant odours, degradation of key surfaces and the potential for cross-contamination
  • 7-day, 24-hour time switch to conserve power (also has standby mode as an alternative)
  • No cupboard ventilation or ventilation grilles required
  • Integrated safety switch
  • Splash free delivery
  • Designer sensor sink taps

Upgrade To Sensor Sink Taps Today

For a more hygienic and eco-friendly water solution make the move to sensor sink taps. Contact us today to find out more about our Firewall® Tower infrared tap and where you can buy our hands-free taps.