How Different Types of Tea Are Drunk All Around the World


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How Types of Tea are Drunk All Around the World

Bored of Builders Tea? Check Out These International Types of Tea

Tea is the nation’s favourite drink, but everybody serves it differently – making it the source of great debate throughout the country. There is the classic take on the humble cuppa, the trusty milk and two sugars or alternatively, tea with no milk at all and sweetener. There is no real winner in this debate, and instead, it falls down to personal preference.

The great tea debate extends farther than just Great Britain though. Each nation drinks tea in their own unique way or chooses to drink a particular type of tea. Here are just a few examples of how tea is drunk all around the world.


Iced Tea. It’s no secret that Americans love their sugar, and the way they drink their tea is no different. Iced tea is made by cooling down regular white or black tea, then adding lemon or peach and lots of sweet, sweet sugar. It makes a refreshing beverage on a hot day and is a good alternative to lemonade. Iced Tea is said to be the lifeblood of the southern American states.


Mint Tea. Mint tea is one thing Morrocco is famous for. Not only great for digestion, it is also a gesture of kindness to serve the tea to your guests. Traditionally, it is served to guests three times and the flavour varies and intensifies with each round. The tea itself is heavily sweetened and served in tall glasses from an ornate metal teapot. This is one of our favourite types of tea – it’s so good!


Cha Yen. This tea is sweet and cold and is Thailand’s answer to iced tea. It is made with black tea, condensed milk, sugar and spices. The spices include orange blossom, star anise, tamarind and others. The resulting drink is sweet and spicy but incredibly refreshing!

South Africa

Rooibos. The Rooibos plant is found exclusively in South Africa, though the tea is available across the world. Traditionally though it is drunk in South Africa without sugar or milk. The tea is naturally mild and has a sweet flavour, making it a great soothing drink to have before bed. It is easily identifiable due to its striking red colour.


Bubble Tea. Popular throughout most of South East Asia, bubble tea is now even becoming popular in the West too. It can be served hot or cold and is sometimes called pearl milk tea. The “bubbles” or “pearls” are actually tapioca balls soaked in sugar syrup. The milk is usually powdered. Bubble tea stalls are popping up in shopping centres in the UK now, why not give it a go next time you see one!

All of these types of tea are easy to obtain all over the world. Why don’t you try ticking them off one by one? Bring the tea leaves or tea bags into work and try an international mug of tea.We’re sure everybody in the office would love to try too! There’s nothing better than a cuppa to keep you motivated. With your Billi taps, it couldn’t be easier. You can have Moroccan mint, rooibos, or any of the others in mere minutes. Give them a go.