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Under Counter Water Boilers – The Technology Behind it

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Billi under counter water boiling systems take up a small space, have little impact on the environment, dispense cups of hot and chilled water in a very short time, and run at a low cost. Developed in the early 1990s and still leading the way in the design and manufacture of water dispensing systems, everything about Billi is small – except, of course, the ‘wow’ factor.

Billi under counter water boiling systems harness energy from the cooling process and re-use it to pre-heat water that is to be boiled. Because this ‘spent’ energy is put to use, rather than wasted, a Billi unit consumes a lot less energy than other products of its kind. Billi’s unique heat-exchange technology means that there is no need for a cooling fan or for cupboard ventilation, making the space required for the Billi unit typically half the size of comparative products.


Each component of every unit is selected for a design that meets ecologically sustainable development guidelines. High-performance polyurethane insulation maintains water temperature, and a stand-by mode causes the unit to power down during periods of non-use – valuable features for energy conservation. The result of environmentally responsible design and fabrication is that Billi has a very small carbon footprint.

In a busy office, time is always an issue. How many staff hours, I wonder, are lost in tea-making queues, waiting for kettles to boil, wiping up spills, et cetera, et cetera. With Billi, though, there’s an end to all that: taps with safe, regulated flow dispense up to 250 cups of filtered, boiling water per hour, cutting down on wasted time.

What does all this mean for our clients? It means that Billi under counter water systems save money. Small units, low energy bills, and short dispensing time all contribute to lower costs.

Work places all over the world are opting for cost-effective, eco-friendly, and time-efficient filtered water systems from Billi.

Billi may be a small package, wrapped in low costs, both financial and environmental. But it is plain that Billi is a giant in the field of innovation.