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Water Bottles: What Type of Bottle is Best for You?

Which Type of Water Bottles Would Work Best for You?

Staying hydrated is essential to brain function. Without water, concentration and motivation are nearly impossible. This is why it’s so important to drink up to 8 glasses of water a day. If you keep your body hydrated and happy, your mind will be more alert, focused and less fatigued. It can be hard to remember to drink enough every day, especially if you’re out and about or in the office. This is why we’ve compiled this guide to water bottles. Some are best for those of you that are sporty, and others for those of you that like simple design.

The main things to consider when choosing a water bottle are, what you’re going to put in the bottle, and where you’re going to use it. Also make sure you consider design – if it looks intricate near the mouthpiece, it may mean it’s hard to wash. You also don’t want cheap bottle if they’re plastic or metal. These can start to leave water tasting or smelling strange after a few uses.

Vacuum Insulated Bottles

If you’re a fan of the outdoors, this type of bottle could be the best for you. The two chamber insulated bottles can keep drinks super cold or warm for up to 5 hours. Perfect if you’re on a winter walk and want a hot cup of tea. The inner chamber of the bottle holds the fluid, and the outer chamber is a vacuum channel. The design is exceptionally good for insulation, but these bottles can be a little more on the weighty side. Think of them kind of like a mini thermos. These bottles are also good for the office if you want to be able to sip your tea over a longer period of time without it going cold.

Stainless Steel Bottles

These bottles are lightweight compared to their vacuum insulated counterparts. They are also BPA and low cost. If you’re looking for something light, reusable and aren’t bothered about your drink being ice cold for a long period of time, this could be the type of bottle for you. Stainless steel bottles are also hard to break so they’re nice and durable for throwing in your bag to stay hydrated on your commute. However, they do dent easily, and some people say there is a metallic taste and smell with stainless steel bottles. So, shop around for the right one.

Glass Water Bottles

If you’ve got a glass water bottle, you’re making a bit of a statement. These design-led bottles often don’t offer any insulating properties, but they do look good. Most glass bottles are surrounded by a silicone sleeve to prevent breakages, but, condensation on glass bottles does make them slippery. Even though the silicone is designed to improve grip, condensation will also appear slightly on the silicone itself. The benefits of glass bottles are the lack of metallic taste and no chemicals/BPA that can be found in plastic bottles.

Plastic Water Bottles

For the sporty ones out there, these bottles are for you. Many reusable plastic bottles are geared towards exercise and workout and feature sports-focused design features. Lightweight, durable and easy to grip, plastic water bottles are great for on the treadmill or for rushing around the office. Make sure to look for BPA free plastic bottles. Also, if you’re not a fan of a plastic smell, maybe choose another type of bottle, as plastic bottles can often smell chemically.

To ensure you get enough water each day, fill up your bottle from your Billi tap. Your chilled water will stay chilled in any of these bottles. But, hot drinks made using your Billi tap will only stay warm in an insulated bottle. Keep the bottle with you while you’re on the go. Whether you’re in or out of the office, it’ll make it easier to stay hydrated.