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What Are Cold-Infusion Teas? Will You Try Them?

Cold-Infusion Teas, Have You Heard of Them?

A cup of healthy, herbal tea, any time of the day can be a guilt free treat that does wonders for our gloomy, winter moods and nutrition. But have you ever heard of cold-infusion tea bags?

These new cold infuse teabags come in many different flavours including blueberry, apple and blackcurrant, passionfruit, mango and blood orange, watermelon, strawberry and mint, coconut, pineapple, green and lemon tea, as well as orange and ginger. With that many options for flavours, you’re sure to find one that suits you. And, not only are the teas flavoursome and fruity, but they’re also easy to make from the comfort of your desk!

What Are Cold Infused Teas?

Cold infused, herbal teas are made from plants, flowers, roots, spices and herbs and are simply dried to create a selection of tastes and different health properties. Easily infusible on the go as well as in the office at your desk, all you have to do is simply drop the infuser into a 500ml of water. Then wait a few minutes and consume your super refreshing, fruity tea-based beverage within eight hours.

One of the many health benefits in these teas is that they are entirely caffeine free and a natural swap for something sugary. So, if you’re looking to reduce your caffeine intake look no further. Even though it contains no caffeine – the refreshing nature should still give you a boost. Say goodbye to fatigue in the office and hello to fruity flavours.

Herbal teas have been appreciated for their simplicity and wellbeing properties for many years, so we’re over the moon by the news of cold infuse tea bags. Use them to boost your energy, clear any signs of infection, aid digestion and contribute to a healthy and happy lifestyle!

To make your cold-infusion tea the best it can be, why not make yours in our glass Billi water bottles. This way your drink will be kept fresh and will infuse for longer! Much better than a regular glass.