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What is the Healthiest Way to Drink Coffee?

Different types of coffee contain more milk, sugar or caffeine than others – all of which can have negative effects on your body. So if you’re trying to cut back on dairy or be healthier generally, changing your coffee consumption can be a great start.

With all the different options available today, knowing what is the best coffee to drink for your health can be tricky. Thankfully, the experts on healthy drinking at Billi UK have put together this helpful guide on the healthiest coffee options in the UK, so you can fill your caffeine fix guilt-free.

Sugar and Other Sweeteners

Coffee’s natural bitterness leads many to add sugar and other sweeteners to their morning cup. What many neglect is the relatively high sugar content of dairy and many other milk alternatives, adding up to as much as your full daily recommended sugar intake in a single cup from some popular brands. We’ve got a great article on dairy-free milk alternatives for your coffee, but as a general rule lowering any added sugar (in the form of syrups or actual sugar cubes added) is a great place to start.

Sugar-free syrups are starting to become popular on the shelves of supermarkets and can be a good short-term solution to reducing your sugar intake, though the jury is still out on some of the ingredients these contain. Another suggestion for the healthiest coffee with milk is to add cinnamon powder or a teaspoon of raw cacao. These not only bring a rich taste but also typically contain large amounts of highly potent polyphenol antioxidants.

If cinnamon and cacao aren’t your thing – try to use natural sugar-based products. Agave nectar or honey might not drastically lower the calories in your coffee but can be used to sweeten your drink and lead you away from refined sugars.

Healthiest Types of Coffee: Beans, Roasts, and Grinds Compared

As well as what you add to your coffee, the type of beans and how they’re prepared can have some impact on the benefits and drawbacks of your coffee.

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Healthiest Coffee Beans

Coffee is mostly available in three different formats for preparation: Instant, Whole Beans, and Ground. Whole beans and their recently ground variants are virtually identical nutritionally, with many looking to coffee recently for its potential cardiovascular benefits. It’s worth noting that while you typically will have to grind the beans anyway prior to brewing, whole beans allow you to control the grind fineness and tend to stay fresh for longer than their pre-ground variants.

Though its extra processing might not make it seem the healthiest, instant coffee has a slightly lower average caffeine content and potentially is richer in the most beneficial polyphenols coffee contains, so whichever coffee you prefer and is most convenient for you is likely the right choice.

Dark vs Light Roast

The healthiest coffee roast might differ based on individual health objectives. Lighter roasts boast a higher antioxidant content, while darker roasts present a reduced caffeine level, catering to those who wish to limit their intake.

Bulletproof Coffee

The recent buzz around Bulletproof coffee, blending butter and coconut oil into your morning cup in place of milk, is promoted for sustained energy and satiety. While intriguing, it’s crucial to weigh its fat content against your dietary goals before making this part of your morning routine. If you are keen on testing Bulletproof Coffee’s supposed health benefits yourself, the instant filtered and boiling water from a Billi water system makes incorporating the solid coconut oil and butter much easier.

Elevating Your Coffee Experience with Billi UK

One other key aspect of health and taste for coffee is the water you use. Billi’s water filtration is a game-changer for coffee enthusiasts, by integrating Billi’s systems, you ensure that every coffee drop is filtered for odour and any nasties, accentuating both flavour and health benefits. View our instant boiling water dispensers and discover how Billi’s systems can revolutionise your coffee experience, ensuring every cup is as healthy and tasty as possible.