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What Sets Billi Apart?

At Billi UK we understand that our customers are seeking innovation with their water system and a trusted brand. 

As the leading manufacturer and supplier of boiling, chilled, and sparkling filtered water systems, we believe our world-class experience makes us the perfect partner. 

With more than twenty years of experience in the water industry, we have created revolutionary products that have changed the way many people now enjoy water. 

Billi is a recognised brand name. This is due to a continued drive for excellence and high quality across everything that we do. 

We’re dedicated to creating sustainable water systems for the future. So here’s a better understanding of what sets us apart at Billi UK.

A High Net Promoter Score 

At Billi UK, we use Net Promoter Score to measure customer experience. 

This enables us to truly understand our customers and how we are serving them. 

In our most recent measurement, our NPS score was 70. Which reveals that we have excellent customer service at Billi. 

By regularly analysing our customer satisfaction we’re able to determine the key needs of our customers.

From this we can ensure our process supports customers in their water system choice. 

To us, this score isn’t just about a number, it gives us an indication of the quality of service we are providing. Therefore, we can continue to improve the customer experience. 

We believe in building relationships with our customers, as we know that our products are a conscious choice. 

At Billi UK, we are uncompromising on high quality in our water systems, and we also want the same with our customer service. 

One of our core values as a company is to provide world-class customer service.

By regularly taking action on our NPS score, we believe we are actioning this value in every way possible. 

Water-cooled Sparkling Systems 

At Billi UK, we are innovators in the needs of consumers. Which means we work tirelessly to provide water systems that meet the demands of modern life. 

A key innovation for us has been our water-cooled sparkling systems

Providing sparkling water from one tap delivers many benefits. Including the ability to cater to those with more tastes for sparkling water. 

The element that sets our sparkling taps apart, is that you are able to adjust the level of sparkling to suit taste.

Our sparkling Billi taps come with adjustable controls of up to 5 bar of CO2 pressures. This provides customers with the world’s best carbonisation water system. 

In addition our sparkling system is a silver Ion system. This improves the hygiene levels in the unit and reduces the growth of harmful bacteria. 

Superior Designs 

When it comes to superior design our Billi water systems are not just used in the home but in modern workspaces around the world.

Due to the sleek design our of products and the variety of finishes, our water systems fit seamlessly into modern spaces. 

With each new product, we take great care in designing water systems that are modern in design and high performing. 

Billi products are designed with three core motives in mind. Design, functionality, and sustainability. 

Each water system is practical and visually striking.

Which means we are a clear choice for architects and interior designers who appreciate the innovation of our systems. 

Our water systems feature in award-winning workplaces across the world. Including the Bloomberg building, which was named the UK’s best new buildings in 2018 by the Royal Institute of British Architects. 

At Billi UK we are design-led. We work alongside architects and designers to continue to create products that meet the needs of modern spaces. 

The S.E.T Advantage 

The S.E.T advantage is our unique standards to provide water systems that go beyond convenience.

S.E.T stands for space, energy and time. 

For interior designers, architects and consumers, these standards are of key importance. Ultimately, they determine the high-quality water systems we create. 

Space – Under counter technology. Billi systems are often installed in spaces up to half the size of our competitors.  

Energy – Heat-exchange technology. Our water systems are the most energy efficient. 

Time – Dispense cup rates. We have the highest instant dispense cup rates due to our heat-exchange technology.

These core elements enable Billi to provide uncompromising sustainability. An area which many organisations are strongly focussing on. 

For example, when our Billi water system was installed in the Bloomberg building, our taps enabled them to deliver a 73 percent saving in water consumption. As well as a 35% saving in energy consumption. 

This helped the Bloomberg building to achieve an ‘Outstanding’ 98.5 percent score on the BREEAM sustainability assessment. 

Heat Exchange Technology 

In the 1990s our Billi Research and Development team emerged with a new idea.  An idea that would revolutionise the energy efficiency of our water systems. 

The team took heat-exchange technology and applied it to traditional water boiler technology.

Using waste heat generated by the chilled water cooling cycle, they reused the energy to pre-heat water entering the hot water tank. 

This innovation enabled them to design the world’s first under-counter boiling and chilled drinking water system. 

Essentially, the team harnessed heat-exchange technology to recover waste heat energy. As a result the Billi team provided an incredible CO2 energy saving compared to conventional boiling and chilling units. 

With this forward-thinking development by the Billi team, Billi leads the market for commercial boiling taps using this technology. 

As market leaders in water systems, we have worked with international brands. Providing them with products which are aesthetically pleasing to meet the needs of their space, but offering superior water quality. 

Combining our design-led vision and our mission for sustainability, at Billi UK we cannot be beaten for revolutionary water systems.