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Which Coffee Pairings Best Accompany Which Foods?

Coffee and Food – How to Pair Them?

For some people, coffee is the fuel of life. In the morning, you have a mug with your breakfast, and in the evening, you may have one to finish your meal. But, did you know there’s an art to pairing coffee with food? Here’s how to pair coffee with food, and get the most out of your meal.

Generally, milkier coffees such as lattes and cappuccinos go better with sweet food. Darker, richer coffees such as americanos or espressos tend to lend themselves to savoury.

Breakfast Food

Perhaps the most common time of day to drink coffee is at breakfast. However, depending on the type of breakfast you choose, there are different strains and roasts that lend themselves best. Breakfast foods are accompanied well by Central-American brews. This is because they have a light. balanced flavour. Specifically, though, there are some coffees that go best with certain breakfast foods.

Egg and Bacon, or Sausage – Medium roast Costa Rican coffee.
Omelettes – Java, or Indonesian coffee.
Porridge – Nicaraguan coffee.
Toast – Costa Rican, Brazillian, Colombian or Guatamalan coffee.
Chocolate Crepes – Colombian coffee.

So, next time you’re tucking into your first meal of the day, why not think about your coffee pairing. If you eat at work, make your first cup of coffee a good one, and buy a roast that compliments your breakfast! Make your brew using your Billi tap, with the water at the perfect temperature so not to burn the beans. Then, eat your breakfast, sip your coffee and get ready for your day at work.


If you’re trying to be healthy, fruit is something you’ll be eating a lot of. And, if you’re eating a lot of it, you’ll want to know what coffee works best with what fruit. When pairing fruit and coffee, it’s important to make sure you don’t overdo the sour tones, as the result can taste bitter.

Stone-fruits (peaches, plums, etc.) – Haitian or Tanzanian coffee.
Berries – Kenyan, Jamaican or Haitian coffee.


Baked Goods

Ever notice that when you go to a coffee shop there’s always a large assortment of sweet baked goods? This is because they accompany coffee so well! The bitterness of coffee is balanced out by the sweet nature of the baked goods. Think about the British and coffee with scones, or the Italians with biscotti and coffee. It just makes sense!

Scones – Haitian, Yemen or Kenyan coffee.
Muffins – Costa Rican or Mexican coffee.
Croissants – Cafe au Lait (any blend!)
Biscotti – Espresso (any blend!)
Cinnamon Buns – Colombian or Guatamalan coffee.

Why not impress your colleagues with your coffee and food pairing knowledge next time you’re making a brew. We bet they’ll be impressed. With our taps, you won’t even have to wait for the kettle to boil – you can have instant hot water to make the perfect mug of coffee in seconds.