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Why Billi Taps are the Best Hot Water Dispensers for Tea

When it comes to making the perfect cup of tea, people usually look for the best tea bags or different milk alternatives, but one often overlooked component is actually the most abundant ingredient of your cuppa — the water. The best hot water dispensers for tea add something special beyond ordinary kettles, in this article we’ll show you why Billi UK taps are perfect for making your morning brew.

Unmatched Efficiency and Space-Saving Design

Billi’s under-bench systems are celebrated for their compact and space-saving design, requiring no cupboard cutouts, and our boiling water dispensers provide filtered, tasty water instantly at the perfect temperature without taking up the counter space of a kettle. This compactness allows for a clutter-free kitchen space, making Billi systems ideal for both commercial and residential environments.

Not only are electric kettles slower hot water machines for tea, but they’re also less efficient. Even when boiling the exact amount of water used in your cup of tea kettles are less efficient than our instant boiling water units, though most people will overfill their kettles which will require even more energy. Our unique Heat Exchange Technology captures waste heat from the chilling process to preheat the boiling water, which combined with energy saving modes makes our units energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Premium Filtration for Superior Water Quality

A great cup of tea starts with great water. Billi’s advanced multi-stage filtration technology uses BWT’s unique Fibron X®, ensuring every cup of tea is made with water that’s free from contaminants, chlorine, and odours, enhancing the natural flavours of your tea.

Another important variable is the temperature of the tea boiler. According to the UK Tea & Infusions Association, the ideal temperature for your English Breakfast is between 90 and 98 degrees Celsius whilst green teas are significantly lower at just 80°C. Regardless of which tea type you choose, using an electric or stovetop kettle makes it very difficult to consistently reach these temperatures leading to a more bitter taste.

Billi boiling and chilled water temperatures can be conveniently adjusted to suit individual preferences with the hot water temperature range of 80°C – 98.9°C being perfect for you having ready access to the brew temperature of your tea of choice.

Designed for Every Setting

Billi’s range caters to all requirements, with dispensers available in a variety of finishes for every aesthetic and range of units that can deliver 90-250 cups of boiling water per hour, there’s a Billi unit for every household and workspace. Our options also include units with chilled, ambient, and/or sparkling water, all instantly filtered and with safety features like:

– Splash-Free Delivery: Billi taps feature splash-free technology, ensuring that boiling water is delivered smoothly and safely, protecting you from splashes.

– Safety Lock: All Billi taps come with a safety lock feature, preventing accidental dispensing of boiling water, making them safe for households or workspaces with children.

Convenient and Clean Water with Billi UK

Billi UK taps are the definitive solution for anyone looking to elevate their tea-drinking experience. Explore the full range and contact the experts at Billi to find out why Billi should be the leading choice for your home or business.