How to Cut Costs and Be Energy Efficient in the Workplace


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Is Your Workplace Energy Efficient?

How to Cut Costs and Be Energy Efficient in the Workplace

It seems hard for businesses to be energy efficient. Between large workforces and little knowledge on how to reduce energy use, energy costs can be high. However, cutting your energy costs can be easy. With a few simple switches in the workplace, energy saving becomes easy. Educate your staff and the rest will follow. According to British Gas, an energy efficient office can save up to 65% on energy bills.

IT equipment – Leaving computers and monitors overnight is incredibly wasteful of energy. It equipment burns and uses energy even when on standby mode. If equipment is not in use, encourage staff to turn it off. This is the same for weekends or bank holidays. Otherwise, you’re literally wasting energy when nobody is even in the office! If equipment has energy saving feature, then use this if you’re not shutting them down.

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Heating – Offices are notoriously bad for either being too hot or too cold. Owing to this people often reach for heaters or fans to make the temperature right. Unfortunately, electric heaters are one of the most expensive heat sources. When it is hot, encourage individuals to turn down the thermostats in their rooms. Do this instead of opening the windows and having the heating on at the same time. Reducing the temperature by 1°C can save enough energy to print over 40 million sheets of A4 paper.

Lighting – With energy efficient lighting so readily available, it’s a surprise workplaces are still in the dark about energy. Energy efficient lights can use up to 80% less electricity than conventional light bulbs. Installing the right office lights can reduce energy costs by up to 15%! Encourage staff to switch lights off when they’re not in use. Also, install movement sensors in places like the bathrooms or kitchen. This way lights only come on when they’re really needed.

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Water – Here at Billi we’re incredibly conscious of being energy efficient. Our products allow drinking water in the workplace without a costly environmental impact. Chilling water creates waste heat energy. Billi’s heat exchange technology recovers and reuses this energy to preheat the boiling water, thereby making a significant cost saving.

Just imagine how fast you could boil your water if it was already hot. It’s a bit like filling a kettle from your hot tap, then boiling that. But in the case of Billi Taps, our technology does just that. This enables Billi to produce a system that uses far less electricity and apart from the very largest commercial unit, the Quadra will run from a 13 amp power supply.

Then with our Time Clock, Sleep Mode and Eco Mode, you can rest knowing that you are saving every day on your energy bills, but still have instant dispense through the days from your Billi Taps.

We’re absolutely committed to Energy Efficiency. It’s the Billi Advantage.

Using our Green Calculator, see how much you could be saving if you switched to Billi. See the full list of all our products and to see which would work best in your workplace. Save yourself money by switching to Billi today.