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5 Ways to Boost Your Daily Water Intake

Boost your daily water intake at work become more focused and more productive.

Sometimes hitting those eight glasses per day can feel like a real challenge. The trouble is, when our bodies are dehydrated we can begin to feel unwell. This can start as a headache, but later cause us to feel tired and weak. 

If we make a conscious effort to boost our daily water intake we can ensure that our performance remains high and our body remains healthy. 

There are many ways in which you can adopt more healthy water habits into your lifestyle. Take note of these ideas and discover which one works best for you.

Eat More Water-based Food

Rather than snacking on high-calorie sugary foods, try to replace it with more fruit and vegetables that contain a high water content. 

This includes foods such as; 

Cucumbers (95% water)

Celery (95% water)

Watermelon (91% water) 

Apples (85% water) 

When you swap carbohydrate based foods or processed snacks for fruit and veg, you will notice a dramatic difference in how you feel. 

Firstly, you will feel a lot less bloated and won’t hit that 3 pm slump.

But secondly, you will feel refreshed and energetic, enabling you to focus on the task at hand. 

Get Scientific 

Many of us are well aware of how we should sit at our desks to support our body. But did you know there is also science to suggest how we should drink water, and where it should be placed on our desks? 

Research suggests that having a glass of water within reaching distance helps us to drink more water. 

By having it within easy reach, and accessible we are more likely to sip water throughout the day. Plus, by having a glass of water rather than a bottle, it can work psychologically to help us feel like we don’t have such a big goal to hit. 

Each glass of water you drink can feel like an achievement. 

If you haven’t already, look at how you can create a better workspace to increase your water intake. You may be surprised how a little ‘feng shui’ can help you keep more hydrated. 

Add Flavour

At Billi, we’re big fans of infusing both sparkling and still water, as this can help to boost your water intake. Especially if you’re not a big fan of the taste of water.  

By infusing water with fruits you can add some flavour, and get the added boost of extra vitamins and minerals. 

To help everyone else in the office to meet their daily water needs, fill up a big jug of Billi filtered water and add in seasonal fruits. This will encourage everyone in the office to have a glass. 

Use an App 

If your excuse for not drinking enough water is because you’re ‘too busy’ or you ‘forget’, then these apps will help you. 

You probably already have an app for everything else you do in life, so now add one that can help you create better water habits. 

There are several apps that will gently remind you when to drink water, and help you to track your water intake. 

The current most popular water apps include; 

Drink Water Reminder 


My Water Balance 

Hydro Coach 


Add these to your phone and start boosting your water intake.