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Best Hot Drinks That Aren’t Coffee or Tea

When talking about the best hot drinks, coffee and tea undeniably top the list. But staving off the cold with mugs of comforting, warm beverages stretches far beyond these familiar favourites. With Billi’s cutting-edge instant boiling water systems, making all kinds of delicious hot drinks becomes not only even easier but also tastier with clean, filtered water. Let’s dive into recipes for some of the best hot drinks that aren’t coffee or tea.

Hot Cocoa and Hot Chocolate

No serious hot drinks list of coffee and tea alternatives would be complete without Hot Chocolate. While often used interchangeably, hot cocoa and hot chocolate actually have some distinct differences. Hot cocoa, made from cocoa powder, sugar, and milk, offers a lighter, sweeter experience. In contrast, hot chocolate, (also known as ‘drinking chocolate,’) is crafted from melted chocolate bars or shavings combined with milk or water, delivering a richer, more decadent drink. With variations harking back to different cultures, they all share in common their chocolatey flavour profile.

Billi’s Boiling Water System makes preparing both beverages a breeze. For a classic hot cocoa, simply whisk cocoa powder and sugar in a mug, then add Billi’s instantly boiled water and a splash of milk. For an authentic hot chocolate, melt your favourite chocolate with a bit of milk in a pan, then blend with hot water from your Billi tap for a silky, indulgent treat.

Herbal Non-Caffeinated Teas

Herbal teas offer a world of flavours and many purport a range of health benefits, without any of the caffeine buzz. From the calming properties of chamomile to the digestive aid of peppermint, Billi systems dispense the ideal temperature water for extracting the delicate essences of these herbs, ensuring a perfect brew every time.

Though black and green tea variants often demand lower temperatures and steep times to avoid bitterness, herbal teas generally are more forgiving. Both chamomile and peppermint teas should be steeped at a temperature close to boiling and for around 5 minutes for dried leaves or at least 8 for their fresh variants.

Turmeric Latte/Golden Milk

The trendy turmeric latte, or ‘golden milk,’ is a comforting, spicy beverage that boasts anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties thanks to the main ingredient, turmeric. Combine turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, and a touch of black pepper with a teaspoon of honey for sweetness. Add a splash of hot water from your Billi system to dissolve the spices, then top up with steamed milk for a creamy, health-boosting drink that warms you from the inside out.

Brew Better with Billi UK

Beyond their unparalleled convenience and efficiency, Billi’s systems are designed with sustainability and quality at their core. Whether you’re making a classic hot chocolate or drinking a healthy herbal tea, a Billi system ensures every hot drink you make is made with the cleanest and tastiest water, instantly available at the perfect temperature.

For more information on how Billi can enhance your hot drink experience, visit our range or contact the experts at Billi today.