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health data to design office spaces

Can Health Data Help Us Design Better Office Spaces?

You might wear a Fitbit or an Apple Watch, but what you might not know is that these devices contain health data that is changing the future of office spaces.  In early…

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boiling water tap

The Best Boiling Water Tap For Your Office Space

Choosing an instant boiling water tap for your office space can support the hydration of your team. From providing hot drinks to pure filtered water, Billi taps are being chosen by many…

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‘Architects Declare’ Commitment to Sustainability

Committing to Sustainable Building with Architects Declare The last month saw many UK architects addressing the global climate crisis through pledging a move towards greener design. At the end of May, Foster…

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Making Iced Coffee With Your Billi Tap

Is Making Your Own Iced Coffee Healthier? Nothing says summer to us more than an iced coffee. Trading in the hot for the cold while still getting our essential caffeine kick makes…

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How Drinking Water Can Benefit Your Dental Health

Dental Health and How Drinking Water Can Help We all know drinking water is good for your physical health. Hydration is essential for brain function, and dehydration can be fatal. But, can…

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