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Is Drinking Filtered Water Actually Better For You?

Filtered Water Done The Billi Way

Billi’s partnership with Pentair means we are able to create the most technologically advanced filtration for boiling and chilled filtered water systems. The filters we use in our Billi products use Fibredyne™ technology, which is fibrous and matted together, thus increasing the surface area of the carbon. This means there is greater contact time and improved quality of filtration. Now, we know all this sounds great, but what are the actual benefits of filtered water? It is better for you than regular, unfiltered water? Some people won’t drink regular tap water, and after you taste how pure the water is from our taps, you won’t want to either!

Purified water is a healthier alternative to unfiltered water. This is primarily due to the nasty stuff it filters out. You definitely don’t want to be drinking chlorine or bacteria… As such, we designed our filters to filter out the stuff that could affect the taste or cleanliness of your water. The Billi filtration system has 5 main elements it filters out. These are sediment, chemicals, minerals, bacteria and chloramine. Here are the primary benefits of drinking filtered water. Let’s see if these sway you!

No Chlorine

Unfortunately, chlorine is in the majority of tap water if unfiltered. The pungent chemical they use to disinfect swimming pools is also used to disinfect your drinking water. A major carcinogen, chlorine is known to prove cancer if you are exposed to it or consume it too frequently. If your water tastes particularly bitter or has a slightly chemical smell to it, chemicals such as chlorine could be the reason why. Our Billi filtration system removes 99.9% of chemicals such as chlorine and ammonia, making it safer and tastier to drink.

Cheaper Than Bottled Water

As an employer, it’s essential that you provide your employees with fresh drinking water to hydrate them while they work. You could provide bottled water, or alternatively, you could fit a Billi water system. As well being better for the environment than any other water system, countertop filtration in our water system makes it cheaper than bottled water. Saving money and hydrating your employees is always a win. Additionally, Billi systems can produce chilled, sparkling and boiling water, meaning there’s no end of drinks you can make with our delicious filtered water.

Essential Minerals

Though filtered water removes lots of bad things from water, it also keeps some of the best – like minerals. Water is very good for you, from hydrating your body to providing the minerals your body needs for growth and repair. That’s why it’s so essential that our filters keep the water mineral rich. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium are essential to your body! Though some claim that “pure” water is the best, you don’t want completely pure water, because minerals aren’t in it.

These are just a few benefits of drinking filtered water. Others include removing bacteria or microorganisms in your water and better taste and smell. With a Billi water system, you can stay hydrated on tasty, mineral-rich H2O, without all the bad bits. Contact us today for more information.