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Geyser Water Heaters vs. Instant Boiling Taps

The most recent government estimate is that 18% of heat demand in homes is from hot water, making water heaters and boilers a crucial factor in household and organisational energy expenditure. When choosing the perfect water heating solution for your home or office, many think the choice comes down to what energy source you want your conventional tank or geyser water heater to use. For many use cases though, an instant electric kitchen water heater integrated in your sink can be a more efficient and effective choice.

This guide by the water experts at Billi UK offers the pros and cons of geyser boilers, so you can make an informed decision on the right system for your building.

The Problem with Geyser Water Heaters

Geyser water heaters continuously provide hot water to households by heating and then maintaining the temperature for the volume of water stored in their tank. Though storage tank water heaters like this may seem a reliable and convenient source of hot water for households and businesses, the energy cost, maintenance, and limited value in keeping large amounts of water hot all the time should be considered.

The bulky nature of geysers and other tank-based solutions demands substantial installation space, often a constraint in modern, compact homes or workplaces. They’re also energy inefficient as geysers store large volumes of hot water, which can lead to heat loss if not used promptly, adding to the massive power required to heat these large volumes in the first place.

At this point, you might wonder what the solution is for heated water if you have high-volume requirements (such as in a commercial kitchen or high-traffic office space). Keep reading to learn how one of Billi UK’s instant boiling water systems could help you cut your energy bill and save space.

The Advantage of Instant Boiling Taps

Billi’s instant boiling water systems are ingeniously designed to fit under the bench, preserving the aesthetics and functionality of your space without requiring any ventilation cutouts. These space-saving dispensers provide instant filtered and boiling water straight from the tap, dispensing tastier and cleaner water that doesn’t lose its temperature going through the pipes of your building.

Our underbench units not only save valuable office space but also consume less energy compared to traditional kettles and water heaters, utilising thermodynamic heat-exchange technology to recover waste heat energy.

We reuse the waste heat generated by the chilled water cooling cycle to preheat the water, keeping it warm for quickly and efficiently heating to your preset temperature on demand. Plus, with our unit’s smart, energy-saving modes you’ll save further as your unit intelligently turns itself off in periods it isn’t needed, saving even more energy over geysers that continually heat water.

Choosing Your Billi Model

Choosing between upgrading your geyser water heater and installing a Billi instant boiling tap? Save on space and your energy bill and elevate your kitchen or workspace with Billi’s blend of innovation, design, and service excellence.

Experience unparalleled convenience, taste, and efficiency in water heating with Billi today. For expert advice or to explore our range further, contact the friendly team at Billi.