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Is There a Perfect Temperature for Coffee & Tea?

There are few things worse than a cup of tea or coffee in the morning that’s too hot or that’s gotten cold. When you’ve been thinking about your first mug all morning, having to wait 10 minutes or zap it in the microwave before you can drink it is no way to start the day. Everybody has their ideal tea or coffee temperature for drinking, but did you know that the wrong water temperature can actually affect their flavour?

In this guide, the water experts at Billi UK will go through the perfect water temperature for tea and coffee and how you can make a better cup every time with a Billi water system.

What’s the Best Temperature for Coffee in Celsius?

If you’ve ever had a coffee that tasted bitter, you’ve likely tasted how important getting the right water temperature can be. While bad-tasting and bitter coffee is often attributed to poor-quality beans, more often than not burnt coffee is the real culprit. Despite what the back of your instant coffee may say, boiling water poured straight onto coffee can actually burn the beans! So what should your light roast brew temperature be?

Baristas all around the world have differing opinions on the optimum temperature for coffee. However, all agree that the water temperature for hot coffee should be between 91°C – 96°C. Conveniently for all coffee lovers, Billi’s instant boiling water taps can be set to dispense filtered water consistently at these temperatures, so you can stop scalding your beans (and tongue) in the morning with a Billi system in your home, office, or cafe.

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Temperature for Tea

Similarly to coffee, tea can also be burnt if the water used to make it is too hot, or too weak if the water is too cold. Water too hot on the wrong type of tea leaf will lead to a bitter astringent brew, completely ruining the taste. So it’s important you know the right water temperature for tea in Celsius. Thankfully, Billi’s boiling water units can be conveniently adjusted to the perfect heat for your tea of choice, so you won’t need to get out a tea temperature chart with a hot water temperature range of 80°C – 98.9°C.

Per the UK Tea & Infusions Association, the ideal temperature for black teas (like English Breakfast,) is between 90°C and 98°C while green teas are lower at just 80°C and many herbal teas require upwards of 100°C to fully express their flavours. Regardless of what temperature your tea should be, the water taste and quality can make or break the taste of your cuppa.

Water Filters for Better Hot Drinks

Getting the right temperature for your coffee or tea is obviously important. Still, odorous and bad-tasting water can have even more of an impact on the ending taste of your beverage. Billi’s advanced multi-stage filtration technology ensures that every drop of water is healthy and flavourful.

Whether you’re a tea enthusiast at home or a coffee aficionado trying to replicate your favourite cafe’s freshly brewed espresso in the office, Billi’s innovative water systems deliver the precision and quality you need. Explore our range or speak with our experts to experience the impact perfect temperature water dispensed instantly can have on your favourite beverages.