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Is There a Perfect Temperature for Coffee & Tea?

What’s the Science Behind the Perfect Cuppa?

Everybody has their preference when it comes to tea and coffee, but is there scientifically a perfect temperature for hot drinks?

Both tea and coffee require different temperatures in order to provide the best flavour. Coffee that is made with water too hot can burn the beans. Tea that is made with water too hot can scald the leaves. What’s the science behind this? And, how can you ensure the perfect cup of tea or coffee every time?

Temperature for Coffee

Ever had a coffee that tasted bitter? Probably. Well, this is usually down to cheap, poor tasting coffee, or more commonly, burnt coffee. Burnt coffee is far more common than you’d realise. That’s because boiling water poured straight onto coffee can actually burn the beans! So, next time you ask for your americano extra hot, you might actually be unknowingly compromising on flavour.

The ideal temperature for coffee isn’t boiling water as you might expect. The perfect temperature for coffee is actually between 91-96 degrees Celsius. Conveniently for all coffee lovers, this is the temperature that the boiling water comes out at from all Billi hot water dispensers.

Temperature for Tea

Similarly to coffee, tea can also be burnt if the water used to make it is too hot. Water too hot on the wrong type of tea leaf will lead to a bitter astringent taste. This is called improper brewing and can dramatically affect the flavour of your tea.

For tea, it comes down to how long you boil your kettle. For more delicate teas, the bubbles as the water boils should be as small as fish eyes. The less delicate the tea, the slightly larger the size of the bubble can be.

Equally, when it comes to tea, pay attention to the amount of cooling time you allow your tea. Black teas can be made with nearly boiling water with no effect to flavour. More delicate green teas, however, require more cooling time before drinking.

Billi Temperature

Whether you knew it or not, temperature does have a big effect on taste. That’s why our Billi taps are the perfect water system for those who truly care about the flavour of their coffee or tea. Contact one of our sales team today to find out more.