10 May 2019

Category: Company News

What Sets Billi Apart?

At Billi UK we understand that our customers are seeking innovation with their water system and a trusted brand.  As the ...

10 May 2019

Category: Health News & Information

Milk Alternatives to Add to your Cup of Tea

Got milk? What you should be adding to your cuppa The majority of us take our tea and coffee with milk. ...

08 May 2019

Category: Educational Information

Workplaces of the Future: What will offices look like?

Offices in the Near Future - What Can We Expect? When we think of the future, we probably think of flying ...

07 May 2019

Category: Company News

What Are London’s Best Offices?

London's best workplaces revealed by The British Council for Offices We might be biased, but we think having Billi systems in ...

02 May 2019

Category: Company News

The History of Taps and Boiling Water Dispensers

A Brief History of Taps Since the dawn of civilisation, humans have managed water to make access to it more convenient. ...