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plastic pollution ocean

Plastic Pollution in the Oceans – What is being done?

What is Being Done to Combat Plastic Pollution in the Ocean? Did you know, about 12.7 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year? That’s a massive amount – in fact,…

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why decaf coffee?

Decaf Coffee: What’s the Buzz Surrounding It?

More and More People are Switching to Decaf You’d be correct in thinking that people drink coffee for the caffeine kick. It helps us conquer long days, and kick the fatigue that…

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green building objectives

Green Building Objectives: How Can Billi Help?

How Billi Can Help Meet Green Building Objectives Buildings may not be the most obvious contributor to climate change – we’re more likely to think of cars or aeroplanes when considering human…

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stress vs water

National Stress Month: How to Use Water to Unwind

What Effect Does Water Have on Stress? It’s national stress month, and we’re here to tell you exactly how water can have a positive impact on stress. We all know that hydration…

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cordial drinking water

What are the Most Popular Accompaniments to Drinking Water?

Everybody has a preference when it comes to water. Some people prefer sparkling to still, and some won’t drink still water at all unless it has squash in. But, what are the…

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