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Do You Know the Perfect Temperature for Tea?

What is the Right Temperature for your Favourite Drink?

There’s nothing worse than receiving a cup of tea that is too hot to drink. You’ve been thinking about your first mug all morning, and then have to wait 10 minutes before you can even drink it. Most people just grin and bear it, but did you know, having drinks too hot can actually affect their flavour? Serving coffee with boiling water can lead to burnt beans. Most people don’t even know this. This affects the taste and can leave it tasting bitter. However, tea is best made with water 100C or above, as this helps to bring out the flavour in the leaves. So, what is the optimum temperature for your favourite drinks?


The optimum temperature for tea really depends on the type of tea you are brewing. Black tea requires temperatures of 100C, making it the tea that requires the hottest temperature for brewing. More delicate teas such as herbal, green and oolong require lower temperatures, meaning that you should not fully boil your kettle to brew these teas. These tea leaves can be damaged and made to taste bitter if they are brewed with water that is too hot. Billi taps provide the perfect temperature water at the touch of a button for these teas and cost a fraction of the price to heat the water compared to kettles.


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Making coffee properly is a fine art. Baristas all around the world have differing opinions on the prime temperature for coffee. However, all are in agreement that the water should not be above 90C for instant coffee or 60C for filter coffee. Coffee beans are easily scalded, so do not fully boil your kettle if you’re brewing coffee. On one hand, a nice warm cup of coffee gives great satisfaction, but on the other, a slightly cooler cup of coffee allows the drinker to taste the flavour of the beans better.


Though it is common that ice water is preferred, many experts say that water should be chilled, not ice cold. Water is best served at the temperature it comes out of the ground – around 12C. “Being a natural product, it is best served at a natural temperature”. Sparkling water is best served slightly above the temperature of still water, as a higher temperature minimises the aggressiveness of the bubbles and allows the mineral content of the water to come through.


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Really though, the ideal temperature comes down mostly to personal preference. Some people like their coffee and tea hot. Some people like their water ice cold. Whatever experts say, if you prefer something a certain way, that’s how you’re going to drink it. Billi taps provide boiling, chilled and sparkling water in the workplace. Our temperatures are optimum for the brewing of hot drinks or the immediate consumption of chilled or cold drinks. Without the cost of traditional water systems, Billi products mean hydration, however, you want it, whenever you want it.