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Six Reasons Our Billi Taps Have Joined the Workspace

Our Billi taps are world-leaders in the area of filtered water systems. Since 1990, we’ve fitted our taps in workspaces around the world. 

There are many benefits to adding a filtered water tap into your working environment from supporting employee wellbeing, to providing instant access to hot water. 

Instant filtered water taps are becoming a rising trend in most homes, which means they’re now an expectation in modern workspaces. 

If you’re currently considering a Bill tap for your workspace, it can be good to know the reasons many other businesses have chosen our filtered water taps. 


When a business invests in its working environment, it’s vital that all the additions fit seamlessly into the space and complement the interior design. 

Our Billi taps are available in a variety of styles and finishes providing you with endless choices. 

Many of our clients have chosen our Billi taps for aesthetics. After all, when you’ve focused on building and creating a unique workspace, every detail must be bespoke. 

London digital agency, Wunderman, chose a combination of chrome and matte black Billi taps to complement their kitchen and social areas. A chrome Quadra Plus dispensing boiling and chilled water was added into their kitchen. For their meeting room, Wunderman opted for a Quadra Plus sparkling system in matte black. 

The modern, open plan style of Wunderman’s office, meant they needed a tap which could fit effortlessly into different spaces. 


With the pressure on organisations to take action on climate change and plastic pollution, sustainability is a growing reason for choosing our Billi taps. 

From takeaway coffee cups to plastic water bottles; offices can be victims to a high volume of single-use plastics. 

However, more businesses are battling these environmental challenges by adopting Billi taps into their workspaces. 

With both chilled and sparkling water available, our Billi taps offer users variety to fit their taste. This can help encourage employees to fill their bottles at work rather than bring in plastic water bottles. 

We fitted a Billi tap for office designers Parkeray at their new HQ. But as well as our Billi taps, they also decided to choose our branded glass bottles. The idea is to encourage their team to re-use glass bottles and eliminate single-use plastic from the office. 


Continuing on sustainability, there are many brands who want to reduce the impact their business has on the planet. 

An area that is highlighted is the energy efficiency of systems being fitted into new workspaces. This often extends from the taps right up to the light fittings. More office designs are putting a huge focus on being completely energy-efficient. 

Gymshark chose Billi taps precisely for this reason. 

When Gymshark were creating their innovative new head office, they wanted taps that would meet their sustainability initiative. 

Due to the heat-exchange technology in Billi taps, this fit with Gymshark’s need for energy-efficiency. Gymshark chose two Billi Quadra Plus 15 systems, providing boiling, chilled, hot and cold water to both floors of their new head office. 


When you have more than 300 staff working in one building, you need a filtered water system that can meet everyone’s needs. 

Our Billi taps provide chilled, sparkling and instant boiling water. Which means people can easily access a drink of their choice. From making a hot tea in minutes to enjoying refreshing sparkling water. 

Kobalt Music undertook extensive research before choosing Billi taps. One of their core reasons for choosing us was to keep everyone happy and productive. They now have a smart refreshment system that can be used by all members of staff. 

Customer Service 

When you invest in a filtered water system for your office space, you should have high-quality customer service. 

From start to finish, and through continued maintenance, you should be able to rely on your product provider. 

At Billi, we take great pride in our customer service, as we help guide our customers through product selection to maintenance. 

With a high net promoter score, our customer service is often a reason for brands to choose our Billi taps.

Here are just a few quotes from our happy customers. 

“I am very pleased with the Billi team, they have been brilliant during the installation, and their response time is spot on.” – Paul Fraine, Facilities Manager

“The Billi team were very helpful, and we felt supported all the way.” – Engineering Manager, Marc Condon


As world-leaders in instant filtered water taps, we have been at the forefront of innovating our industry. 

Billi taps have been around since 1990, and we continue to innovate our products to make them relevant to today’s modern workspaces. 

The innovation we push with our Billi taps, is yet another reason we are the filtered tap choice of established brands.

In one case study, we were chosen by a forward-thinking global leader in digital entertainment because our values aligned with their mission. Innovation is what they had been doing since 1994, and it’s what we’ve been doing at Billi since 1990.