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The Benefits of Instant Hot Water Taps

At Billi, we’ve been adding instant hot water taps to modern office spaces across the UK. 

It may not appear to be an addition that’s at the top of many work perks, but instant hot water taps are helping organisations improve the health and wellbeing of their team. 

In the UK, workplace wellbeing is a rising concern for organisations. During 2018, 13.6% of working hours were lost due to absense, and 12.5% was lost due to presenteeism. This equates to an average of 35.6 days of productive time per employee. 

An addition such as an instant hot water tap can help increase the hydration of teams. Providing easier access to water. Due to Billi taps being able to fit into small spaces, hot water taps can also be added in a variety of spaces. From meeting and conference rooms, to open-plan office areas and kitchens. 

However, aside from instant access to hot water, these taps also offer an array of surprising benefits. 


In the early 1990s, our Billi research and development team utilised heat exchange technology to create the most energy-saving filtered water taps. By using the heat energy that comes from providing cool water, we are able to use this waste heat to provide hot water.  

Due to this effective use of energy, our Billi instant hot water taps are providing an energy-efficient way to heat water. 

The average kettle not only takes longer to boil, but it also requires more energy. When you’re running a large office space, this can mean your energy bills can skyrocket. Plus, it can dramatically increase your carbon footprint. 

With an instant hot water tap, everyone can enjoy their favourite hot drink instantly. There’s no waiting around for a kettle to boil, and no huge expenditure on energy bills. 

Furthermore, our Billi hot water taps use less water. Many people typically fill a kettle with more water than they really need.

For businesses that wish to be energy efficient, and create eco-conscious workplaces, an instant boiling water tap is a worthwhile addition. It may be a small change, but it makes a big impact.  

Palatable Hot Water 

In hard water areas, limescale can quickly build up in traditional kettles. The increase in limescale creates unpalatable hot drinks and can cause limescale residue to be present in the drink — not the most attractive beverage when you’re looking to entertain customers or clients. 

Limescale not only affects the quality of the drink, but it can also look unsightly.  We’ve probably all experienced a bad brew thanks to limescale. 

However, with instant hot water taps limescale is removed from the system due to the filtering process. There’s no need to descale or worry about how your hot drink is going to look. 


Instant hot water taps are now used in a variety of commercial and domestic environments from homes and office spaces to restaurants and healthcare centres. 

Aside from the many benefits of instant hot water, boiling taps are also incredibly safe and easy to use. Which means, they are safe for children and those who struggle with their mobility. 

Kettles can be difficult to pick up, especially when they’re full. Add the fact that boiling water is present, and you have a potential health and safety risk in your environment. 

Compared to a kettle, hot water taps are far safer.

At Billi, our instant hot water taps have electronic control of boiling water delivery. The flow is momentarily slowed as the water exits the tap, eliminating splashing as the hot water enters the cup. 

All our boiling hot water taps also come with an integrated safety switch. A red lock icon highlights when the safety switch is activated. If you press the switch to release the lock, it will allow the use of boiling water. The tap will also revert to safety mode after 8 seconds of non-use. 

With safety features such as this, instant hot water taps can be used around children and those with mobility difficulties. 


Kettles can ruin the aesthetics of your workspace. When you’ve invested heavily in the design and interiors of your office, you need a water system that can fit seamlessly into your space. 

As instant hot water taps are available in a range of designs and styles, you can find a model that suits your needs and that can fit into any project, design or brand.

The added benefits here is that our Billi hot water taps can also be fit into small spaces. This means you can have an instant hot water tap in your boardroom, conference room or kitchen.  

With so much versatility, the compact and space-saving technology means instant hot water can be accessed easily anywhere in your building.