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The Technology Behind Billi’s Instant Boiling Water Tap

If there’s one thing that is guaranteed to wow you about our Billi instant boiling water tap, it’s the innovative technology. 

In the early 1990s, the Billi Research and development team used heat-exchange technology and applied it to a conventional water boiler. The product they created became the world’s first under-counter boiling and chilled water system. 

While it may sound simple, Billi’s team took it one step further. By harvesting the waste heat generated by the chilled water system, they reused this to preheat the water entering the hot water tank. 

For organisations who use both cold and hot water, this innovation is groundbreaking – providing a massive CO2 energy saving compared to conventional chilled and boiling units. 

Boiling Water Fast

We understand that most people aren’t scientists, so getting your head around the technology we use at Billi may feel overwhelming. Instead, let’s try to explain our instant boiling water tap in a way you’ll feel confident. 

Imagine how quickly you could boil water if it was already hot. For example, filling your kettle with hot water and then boiling it. This is how our technology works for our instant boiling water taps. However, unlike your kettle, our taps provide filtered water.

The technology we’ve created means we can provide you with instant filtered boiling water, that uses less electricity than a traditional kettle, and takes up far less space than a commercial water system. 

In Demand

Filtered water systems are growing in demand in modern workspaces. This may come as no surprise as we’ve all become more conscious about the food and drink we consume, and how this ultimately has an impact on the world around us. 

Many years ago, filtered water systems would not be able to provide hot and cold water. Let alone take-up such a small amount of space. Huge filtration units would often take up office space or canteen space that would be inefficient and unsightly. 

Now in the UK, rent for office space has risen. In London alone rent can be £300 per sq ft

With space at such a premium rate and increasing, more office spaces need systems that are space-efficient just as they are energy efficient. 

At Billi, our range of instant boiling water taps can fit within a 500m cabinet. Not only providing an energy-efficient way to use water but reducing the amount of space required for dedicated water systems. 

The technology behind Billi is focussed on environmental efficiency. But the space-saving efficiency has meant Billi still leads the market for commercial hot water taps. 

Ease of Use

In fast-paced commercial environments – be that a busy head office, or a retail store – hydration stations are needed. This has become furthermore paramount as our adoption of refill bottles has increased. 

At Billi, our units utilise smart technology to provide you with instant dispense updates. For example, all Billi Quadra units have a published cup rate. This provides you with data on the number of cups that can be dispensed before the system has to recover. 

As with any innovation, technology should be easy to adopt so that both the user feels confident and comfortable. 

After more than twenty years as the leading providers of filtered water systems, we are consistently exploring new ideas and technology to stay ahead of the needs of the user.