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What Makes Billi Sparkling Water Taps So Unique?

Everything You Need to Know About Sparkling Water

Since its accidental invention in 1767, sparkling water has been tickling taste buds all over the world. But why is sparkling water so popular? Is it really true that fizzy water boasts certain health benefits? And what do Billi sparkling water systems have that others lack? Read on to discover what makes sparkling water – and Billi taps – so special.

Better with bubbles?

Sparkling or carbonated water is ordinary, still water with one addition: CO2. With the help of some pressure, the gas is injected and infused into the water, creating bubbles that give sparkling water its much-loved fizz. Along with its pleasant effervescence, sparkling water offers the same major benefits of hydration and essential minerals that still water does. What’s more, there is evidence that sparkling water could carry benefits over and above those offered by that of its still counterpart.

The primary benefit of fizzy water is its positive impact on digestion. Scientific studies demonstrate that drinking carbonated water addresses a variety of digestive issues, including constipation and indigestion. Another study indicated that sparkling water could also make people feel fuller for longer, which could discourage overeating and obesity. Furthermore, it has been suggested that sparkling water is easier to swallow than still water, as it stimulates the nerves in control of deglutition.

There are also plenty of other, albeit less direct, benefits of carbonated water. These revolve around its potential as a healthy replacement for sugary drinks and sodas. Those who enjoy fizzy pop may find it easier to swap these out for sugar-free sparkling water, as opposed to still water due to the fact that sparkling offers a similar mouthfeel, minus the sugar.

Aside from health benefits, for many, the main advantage of sparkling water comes down to one thing: taste. The energising, refreshing sensation of chilled water fizzing on the tongue is incomparable. Which is why we specialise in a product and service to provide exactly that.

Billi’s sparkling taps

Sparkling water requires the artificial injection of CO2. This means that, unless you opt for the retro route of infusing water with gas yourself (did somebody say SodaStream?), fizzy water usually needs to be bought bottled. Unfortunately, this contributes to the deepening global crisis concerning plastic waste.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. Billi’s filtered water systems offer chilled, sparkling water straight out of the tap, surpassing any need for plastic bottles. Our Quadra Sparkling model offers three functions out of a single faucet – boiled, chilled or sparkling – and all are available instantaneously.

Our injection technology enables a high saturation of CO2, meaning a superb sparkling taste and longer-lasting fizz. Of course, even amongst sparkling water fans, tastes differ. That’s why our water systems feature adjustable sparkling levels, allowing users to select a CO2 pressure that suits them. Temperature is also adjustable, allowing it to be set between 6 and 15. All of our water systems feature our premium, 5-stage filtration, which means sparkling water that is as clean, crisp and fresh as any bottled water.

Innovative & unique

At Billi, we’re not satisfied unless we’re breaking new ground. We want to produce the unexpected, using innovation to create cutting-edge, unique technology. Our chilled, sparkling water systems are no exception.

So, what’s so unique about our chilled sparkling taps? The answer is hot air – or, in this case, the lack of it! Billi offers the only chilled water systems on the market that do not require ventilation, even when installed under the counter.

Air-cooled ventilation

During the chilling process, heat must be removed from water; therefore, heat is produced as a waste product of chilling. For safety reasons, this heat must not be allowed to accumulate. Doing so risks the appliance overheating, which means damage to the appliance or increased risk of fire. Ventilation systems work to move heat away from the area, preventing build-up.

Other chilled water units use air-cooled ventilation systems. This usually entails units with incorporated grilles that allow hot air to escape. In the case of installing these under the counter, special consideration and preparation must be given to the cabinet or cupboard in question. Allowing for adequate ventilation means more air space is necessary, as well as installing unsightly grilles or cutting out the bottom of cabinets.

Other unfortunate consequences of air cooling are caused by the higher temperatures inflicted on cupboards. Not only can this potentially damage joinery, but it also raises kitchen temperatures, meaning fridges and air conditioners have to work harder.

A new kind of cool

A Billi water system involves no such hassle. Our innovative design and heat-exchange technology means that units can be tucked neatly under the counter without any need to install messy and problematic ventilation systems.

So how does it work? The answer is in our radical technology. As opposed to the air-cooled ventilation systems of our competitors, our units are water-cooled. This means rather than relying on cool air to carry waste heat away, our systems use water instead. As water has a higher heat capacity than air, the cooling process is made more efficient.

And it gets even better. Instead of allowing the heat energy produced by our chilled systems to go to waste, we recycle it. The heat that is captured during the cooling process pre-heats water, which is then used for boiling. This creates a uniquely efficient system: water requires less energy – and less time – to boil.

Sparkling sustainability

Through harnessing heat energy that would usually be wasted in the chilling process and redirecting it into boiling water, Billi water systems have achieved new heights of sustainability. The efficiency of our heat exchange technology means substantial savings in energy, CO2 and running costs. With further energy savings to be made in refrigeration and air conditioning by avoiding hot cupboards, Billi taps are the natural choice for environmentally conscious workplaces.

Grab the bubbly

Keeping people happy, healthy and hydrated means giving them water they will love to drink. Billi water systems ensure instant and delicious sparkling water, perfectly chilled and filtered – keeping fizz-lovers refreshed and hydrated, all without plastic or energy waste.

Get in touch to find out how we can add some sparkle to your kitchen.

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