Boiling, Chilled & Sparkling

Quadra Sparkling

The new Quadra Sparkling - 3 features in one tap. Boiling, chilled and sparkling - dispensed instantly.

Billi Sparkling systems are the ultimate drinking water appliances which deliver boiling, chilled & professional sparkling filtered water instantly.

Professional saturated sparkling system

The CO2 injection system used in the Billi Sparkling range ensures the saturation of CO2 in the water is high which means it has a better life and, consequently, taste.

Adjustable chilled temperature

A simple adjustable control knob allows the chilled water temperature to be raised to 15˚C or lowered to 6˚C for perfectly chilled, refreshing drinks, with your required temperature being quickly reached and maintained.

Adjustable sparkling water

Adjust the level of sparkling to suit your taste. With adjustable controls up to 5 bar of CO2 pressure, this offers the world’s best carbonation system.

Safety first

Billi’s splash-free boiling water delivery electronically varies the water flow, slowing momentarily to eliminate splashing as the water first enters the cup. All Billi dispensers are supplied standard with a safety switch.

Cupboard configuration options

The Billi Sparkling range is supplied as two modules enabling multiple cupboard configuration options to maximise the use and efficiency of your cupboard space.

Better for general health

The sparkling system includes a silver Ion (Ag+) system which benefits the health of the user and the unit and eliminates any potential for growth of harmful bacteria.


Quadra Sparkling (903060)

Model Product Code Dimensions (HxWxD) Number of Users Hourly Dispense Capacity
Quadra Sparkling 903060 Boiling: 340mm x 180mm x 460mm
Chilled and Sparkling: 385mm x 240mm x 325 mm
60 users 180 Boiling/120 Chilled cups per hour
24 Months
Product Warranty

As with all the other Billi drinking water appliances, the Boiling and Chilled range is covered by a comprehensive 24 month parts and labour warranty. As the manufacturer we not only have full control over quality standards, but we are also uniquely positioned to offer exceptional client care and after sales backup.

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Why choose the Quadra Sparkling?

A genuine three in one tap, offering boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water from the elegant XL tap.

  • Multi-Function Taps

    The stunning XL tap will dispense boiling, chilled, and chilled sparkling filtered drinking water by using just two levers. The XL tap is DDA compliant and is now available in a range of colours and finishes.

    Continuing with the Billi concern to provide safe and effective products, the taps are fully insulated and even when dispensing large volumes of boiling water will remain cool to the touch.

  • Energy Saving

    Billi has achieved one of the lowest carbon footprint on the market using carefully chosen components at its Australian manufacturing plant near Melbourne. All Quadra Sparkling systems also include an energy saving standby mode that can be selected to activate after a preset time of non use, enabling partial power down to conserve power.

    The new generation of sparkling units, launched in 2016 are more efficient, higher capacity and physically smaller than previous  products.

  • Designer Dispenser Options

    Billi’s Boiling, Chilled and Sparkling XL dispensers are now available in an unprecedented range of options. We created the new dispenser technology after collaboration with designers, engineers and end users. Consisting of  four stylish finishes and a corresponding font, the tap range provides a clean but sophisticated look.

    Choose from colours or  and a finishes to complement your office design or branding. Available in chrome, brushed chrome, matt black, gloss black, weathered bronze and rose gold.


Green Calculator

Select type of Billi Unit

Select number of users

Choose a product to compare

Select your options to see how much energy you could save

Options and Accessories
Style of dispenser

Choose a dispenser from our standard XL Levered range. Chrome, brushed chrome, gloss black or matt black. Font and sink mixer taps available to match.

Integrated drain font

If the dispenser is to be mounted away from a sink, choose our XI Font. The ultimate in modern clean styling, it can be either surface mounted or recessed into the bench top for a completely flush mounting.

Dispenser riser

There is a choice of 120mm or 70mm dispenser risers and can be added separately to create extra clearance for tall jugs and glasses.

Where do I buy CO2 cylinders, and how long do they last?
Billi stocks the 600gm disposable cylinders and they be ordered by calling us on 020 7457 6789. Depending on the level of carbonation selected, these can last between 250 and 400 cups. If usage is very high it may be more economical to rent a refillable bottle direct from BOC or Air products.
There’s no room left under our sink. Can a Billi water filtration system be installed in the next cupboard?
Absolutely. In fact your dispenser can be installed up to 2.0m from its under counter water filter. Remember, there may be a boiling water delay with a long extension.

How often should I replace my under counter water system filter?
We recommend a new filter at least every 6-12 months, depending on usage and water quality.
Do I need to buy special filters for my under counter water system?
Yes. You should always use the correct filter for your water system. Call us to order on 020 7456 6789.
Do water filtration systems get blocked? Our boiling water flows well but cool just dribbles out.
Yes. As filters catch contaminants, they become soiled. Billi under counter water systems use mains pressure, so reduced chilled water flow indicates you should change filters.
Why do the red and blue lights flash on the tap?
The indicator lights tell you what’s going on. Flashing red means boiling water hasn’t reached 99°C yet. Flashing blue means water hasn’t chilled to set temperature. Both lights will glow solid when this happens.
How do I know when to change the under counter water filter?
The orange light will flash continually when your water filter needs changing.
My dispenser blue light is on but the water system is not chilling.
The under counter chilling unit may need a minor service. Change filters before calling a technician.
I don’t have boiling water and the dispenser red light is always flashing.
The heating element may have blown or overloaded. Call us on 020 7456 6790 for engineer assistance.
Why is there is a strange taste to the drinking water from our undersink filter?
Contaminants collected in your under counter filter become concentrated when filters reach the end of their life and can affect water taste. Ensure that the filter is replaced at least every 12 months or 6,000 litres, and preferably twice a year.
Do you have a drainage tray? We’d like to install a Billi unit in the boardroom but there’s no sink.
Yes. The Billi XI font is available for this purpose in a finish to match your filtered water dispenser.
How can I tell if my Billi unit is on or off?
If the Billi dispenser lights are illuminated, your water system is on.
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