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Why You Should Swap Pop For Sparkling Water

Instead of putting your efforts into pop, a healthier alternative is sparkling water. 

If you tend to reach for the sugary drinks rather than a glass of water, you could be consuming an average of 30 grams of sugar every day. 

When you regularly consume sugary fizzy drinks you are putting your health at risk. As well as the significant sugar intake, the effects of sugar on our productivity can be detrimental. 

An immediate hit of sugar will create a burst of energy, making us feel unstoppable. But not long after our body has hit the high, it will then crash when the energy has come out of our blood. 

This is known as a sugar crash and is more prominent in the afternoon when people have had a sugar ladened lunch. 

To help you curb your cravings for sugary beverages we’ve revealed why you should swap the pop for an ice-cold glass of sparkling water

Fewer Calories 

The average fizzy drink contains 10 grams of sugar per can. According to research, in 2016 approximately 206.9 litres of soft drinks were consumed per person in the UK. 

Teenagers currently drink the most sugary drinks, as figures by Cancer Research UK revealed that those aged 11 to 18 each drink just over 234 cans of soft drink a year

The recommended daily allowance for sugar consumption is set to 30 grams per person. However, if you drink more than two cans of sugary drinks you could be exceeding this by up to 50%. 

Many studies have shown that people who drink sugary drinks consistently gain more weight than people who don’t. So if you’re trying to be more conscious of your diet, quitting the cans of pop may be a way forward. 

Better H20

Sparkling water can be chosen as a healthy alternative to sugar-sweetened beverages. 

Not only does sparkling water contain almost zero calories, but it has zero sugar. 

While many people may not favour sparkling water, when combined with a low-calorie squash, or infused with fruit, it can provide a thirst-quenching drink. Especially for those who like a sweet taste to their drinks. 

Just as you can infuse still water, you can also infuse sparkling water to add flavour. Lemons and limes are a popular choice as it adds the sharp sweetness you can often find in pop. 

However, you can also add other fruits such as berries, and also cold water tea bags. 

Compared to drinking high amounts of sugary drinks, sparkling water can support your health and productivity. 

As infused sparkling water contains no artificial sugars, you will not have the same ‘crash’ as you would experience when drinking pop. 

Instead, by drinking sparkling water you will feel more hydrated, focussed and alert. 

Give sparkling water a try and see if an infused water can help you make the swap.