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Benefits Of Under Counter Water Filter Systems

With many different types of water filtration systems on the market to choose from it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. Below we list the benefits of under-counter water filters that make them a popular choice for homes and offices in the UK and around the world.

Established in 1989, Billi’s reputation for design and manufacturing innovation is world-renowned. We have continued to embrace superior technologies to create cutting-edge products and modern design aesthetics to provide our customers with fresh filtered drinking water, sustainably. Our BilliCare Customer Support team includes a network of trained service technicians and service agents to provide technically correct, prompt and reliable service. Here is why under-counter water filtration systems are a great option if you’re looking for a water filter and why our under-counter water filtration systems are rated as some of the best under-counter water filters on the market:

Benefits Of Billi’s Under Counter Water Filtration Systems

One of the main benefits of an under counter water filtration system is that they are tucked away out of sight with just the dispenser visible. Our under-counter water filtration systems feature modern and stylish dispenser designs available in a range of finishes including:

– Chrome

– Brushed Chrome

– Matte Black

– Matte White

– Urban Brass

– Gun Metal Grey

– Rose Gold

Space Saving Design

Being under a bench, they don’t take up space on your countertop and because our systems have been designed with space saving in mind, they don’t take up lots of cupboard space either (our systems have one of the smallest footprints on the market).

Water Combination Options

Another benefit of our under-counter water filtration systems is that you can choose from a variety of water combinations that can include instant boiling, chilled, ambient and sparkling water on tap. This not only saves you time and is much more convenient but also minimises the appliances you require as you no longer need a kettle, manual sparkling water machine or bottles of water taking up space in the fridge.

Premium Water Filtration

Another thing to note is that because we use premium water filters for our under-counter water filtration systems, your drinking water – whether it’s boiling, chilled, sparkling or ambient water is filtered, high quality and tastes great.

Eco-Friendly Technology

Another reason our under-counter water filtration systems are considered the best under-counter water filters is that we utilise cutting-edge, innovative technology such as our Heat Exchange Technology. Significantly reducing energy usage lowers the environmental impact of under-counter water filtration systems (not to mention the reduction of single-use plastic bottles). You can use our energy usage calculator to see how our under-counter water filtration systems compare to other water filters.

Cost Effective Installation

There is also a common misconception that under-counter water filtration systems are expensive to install and cutting into your cabinetry is required. The good news is that with our systems, cupboard cutouts and ventilation are not required, making them cost-effective, easy and quick to install. We’ve worked hard to design and refine our systems so they are the best under-counter water filters on the market – making them the first choice for homes and businesses around the globe.

Ask About The Best Under Counter Water Filter For Your Requirements

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