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How to Change Water Filter Cartridges

Over time, water filter cartridges accumulate organic matter via the filtration process which can lead to biofilm development. This accumulation can then impact the performance of your system and affect the quality of your filtered water. Water filter cartridges require regular replacement to ensure ongoing optimal filtration and water quality. How often you will need to replace your water filter will depend on factors such as the frequency of use, the quality of water in your area and the type of filter you have in your system. Below is information on when to replace your water filters and how to change the water filter on your Billi system.

Billi’s reputation for design and manufacturing innovation is world-renowned. Established in 1989, We have continued to embrace superior technologies to create cutting-edge products and modern design aesthetics to provide our customers with fresh filtered drinking water, sustainably. We offer a variety of service plans to suit customers’ requirements with the BilliCare Customer Support team which includes a network of trained service technicians & service agents to provide technically correct, prompt and reliable service.


When to Replace Your Water Filter

For our systems, we recommend replacing water filters every 6-12 months to ensure your unit runs optimally and you continue to have optimal drinking water quality. With Billi filtration systems, when you see the flashing amber dispenser icon this indicates that your filter is due to be replaced. If you live in an area that requires a higher level of filtration or your system has high usage, you will need to replace your water filter cartridge more often.


How to Change Water Filter Cartridges


How to change your water filter will vary depending on the type of system you have. For the Sahara, Alpine and Eco systems which are some of our most popular, here are step-by-step instructions on how to change the water filter:


  1. 1. Ensure you have the correct replacement filter for your system
  2. 2. Remove the system cover (to remove the cover on the Sahara, Alpine & Eco press the buttons on either side of the unit)
  3. 3. Press the pressure release switch to release the pressure in the filter
  4. 4. Swing the filter towards you and pull it down until it pops out
  5. 5. Remove the replacement filter from the box and remove the black cap on the top. Ensure the large label is facing towards you
  6. 6. Slide the replacement filter in and swing it back in. Once you hear it click this means it is locked into place
  7. 7. Replace the cover. When the system’s lights stop flashing it is ready to use
  8. 8. Ensure you dispose of your old cartridge correctly


If you have a system that provides sparkling water, watch our video on how to replace Co2 water filter cartridges. We also have videos on how to change water filters for our Billi Quandra and Sahara, Alpine, and Eco filters. If you don’t want to replace water filters yourself, filter replacement is included in our Silver Maintenance Plan where system maintenance and filter replacement is done by one of our accredited technicians.


Purchase Replacement Water Filters Today

You can purchase Billi replacement filters online or through your local approved supplier. Contact us to get information on suppliers in your area. Our team is more than happy to assist you with any questions on how to change water filters in our systems, so contact us if you would like to know more about how to replace water filters or if you would like to arrange a Billi accredited technician to do the replacement for you.