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Why Choose Billi For Eco-Friendly Water Filter Systems

Eco-friendly water filters give you fresh, great tasting high quality water whilst minimising impact on the planet. Below is information on our unique innovative technology that makes our water filters some of the most environmentally friendly water filters on the market.

Established in 1989, Billi’s reputation for design and manufacturing innovation is world-renowned. We have continued to embrace superior technologies to create cutting-edge products and modern design aesthetics to provide our customers with fresh filtered drinking water, sustainably. We offer a variety of service plans to suit customers’ requirements with the BilliCare Customer Support team which includes a network of trained service technicians & service agents to provide technically correct, prompt and reliable service. If you want an energy efficient high quality filtered drinking water system, here is what makes our eco-friendly water filtration systems

Environmentally Friendly Water Filter Technology

With an in-house research and development team we are continuously innovating our water filtration system technology. With sustainability and environmentally friendly water filters being a key focus for us, our team has developed a unique heat-exchange technology that we incorporate into our eco-friendly water filtration systems, reducing energy consumption by 40%.

By harnessing thermodynamic heat-exchange technology we can recover and harvest waste heat energy generated by the chilled water cooling cycle. We then reuse this energy to preheat the water entering the hot water tank achieving significant energy savings compared to conventional boiling and chilled units. This energy saving, along with water savings and recyclability & energy-efficient material choices, ensure our systems have a low environmental impact and increased environmental friendliness.

To see how much energy you can save by choosing our eco-friendly water filtration systems, use our energy usage calculator.

Billi and the environment

Why Choose Billi for Eco-Friendly Water Filtration Systems

In addition to utilising cutting-edge environmentally friendly water filter technology, here are even more reasons to choose our water filtration systems:

– Uncompromising quality with all systems designed and manufactured to the strictest standards in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Australia

– World-class customer service experience

– Stylish and modern water dispenser styles in a range of finishes to choose from (along with specialty dispenser options available)

– Only water filtration system company with a GreenTag Certification

– Quick, easy and cost-effective to install

– Space-saving designs with one of the smallest footprints on the market

– The very best support and aftercare with two maintenance plan options to choose from (we have a large network of highly trained and accredited service staff that provide prompt and reliable after-sales service to our customers)

Enquire About Our Eco-Friendly Water Filtration Systems

Contact us to enquire about having one of our eco-friendly water filtration systems installed. One of our team members will discuss your requirements with you and provide you with information on where to buy.