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The Most Ambitious Office Spaces of 2019

Office spaces are in demand across the UK. From businesses seeking modern workplaces to grow their teams, to the rise in flexible workspaces. There has never been a more prominent time to invest time and money into office space. 

Flexible workspaces are driving the movement in modern offices. In the UK alone, lettings for co-working spaces account for more than 21% of all commercial office leases in London

It’s estimated that around two-thirds of the UK co-working space is outside London, meaning the trend is reaching far beyond the demands of the capital. 

According to property firm Jones Lang and Lasalle, flexible working spaces are set to grow by up to 30% annually for the next five years. 

The ambitious design and innovation we see in today’s office spaces are, without a doubt, being driven by the surge in flexible workspaces. 

Gone are the days of a desk and chair in a beige office with a coffee machine as your work perk. Today’s vibrant office spaces combine work and play. 

At Billi, we’ve been at the forefront of this change in office dynamic. As more brands have chosen our Billi taps, we’ve seen the transformation of the traditional office into a place where people can collaborate, eat and meet. Be under no illusion that modern office spaces are more than an office. 

As we approach the end of 2019, we reveal some of the most ambitious office spaces to be created during the year. Only by truly understanding the dramatic shift in perspective of office spaces, can you appreciate the speed of change.

Whether you’re an architect or facilities manager, these are some of the spaces to watch. 

Pennington Street Warehouse, London

Architects JTP have transformed a London Warehouse into a head office that is vibrant and full of character. 

A converted warehouse may not be the most uncommon building transformation. Yet JTP have achieved both a blend of modern and traditional office space. 

The warehouse located on the London docklands was once home to an electrical substation that powered the printing presses of the local newspaper. The area of Pennington Street had been closed to the public for 200 years. 

Now the revival by JTP Architects has given the space a new lease of life in the form of a vibrant workplace. With exposed brickwork and the original stairs and railings repaired, it evokes industrial character. However, JTP has really taken the space further. 

In an ambitious move for unique office space, JTP has removed the ground-floor slab from the atrium, creating a dramatic triple-height entrance. Not only does this increase the light in the space, but provides the office with a social hub.  

The formerly derelict warehouse located on the northern edge of the London dock is now home to a modern office space. When viewing the finished portfolio, you can see the dramatic use of natural light JTP has used, as well as the addition of warm light features. 

HubHub Co-Working, London 

International co-working organisation HubHub has created a new space in Farringdon London. 

With office spaces already in Budapest, Warsaw, and Prague, HubHub has joined the thriving London workspace scene. 

Compromising of 34000 square feet, HubHub provides flexible workspaces that give tenants a true community feel. 

The industrial interiors give the space a clean and modern feel that is reminiscent of a co-working space. However, HubHub set themselves apart with their ‘grown-up’ approach to businesses scaling at speed. 

The space designed by architects DMFK is focussed on creating an environment for ambitious people, who want to disrupt their sectors. 

HubHub’s new London offices are very much space for business. As well as building on its existing track record with their other locations, HubHub provides tenants with a range of networking events. This allows possible partnerships and investors to meet with start-ups. 

20% of UK businesses fail in the first year, yet in London, this statistic dramatically rises to 50%. With HubHubs approach to supporting start-ups, their space supports growth and funding. 

At Billi, we were delighted to work with HubHub on their new office space as they adopted the Billi Quadra Sparkling Plus in matte black. HubHub chose our filtered hydration systems to be part of their new office space across all floors. They required a system that could align with their modern interiors, and help drive sustainability. 

LABS House, London

Od Interiors and Moxon Architects took on a striking development of a nine-story office block near the British Museum. The office space is currently in the shortlist for the British Refurbishment of the Year Awards. 

The heritage of the neo-Georgian building remains untouched. However, the 80,000 square foot workspace has been completely transformed. 

Based in the Holborn area of London, LABS is yet another co-working space. But LABS prides itself on being a sophisticated and technology-driven workplace for start-ups. 

The interior refurbishment comprises of new feature lighting, a standalone MEP system, bespoke joinery throughout, and stone floors. As a premium workspace in London, LABS holds enough offices for almost 2,000 people. 

Dubbing itself as ‘the next level’ in co-working, LABS designers realised early on that the flagship space would need to evoke luxury. 

Without a doubt, LABS does feel like working life at its finest with an onsite restaurant, bar, and gym. There are breathtaking views over London and dedicated zones for collaborative working. 

In an already over-crowded flexible working environment, LABS wanted to create a state-of-the-art co-working office space that really stood out. When viewing the portfolio of images, you can certainly see that this space has achieved high-quality. 

Offices spaces across the UK are growing at an exponential rate. London itself has one of the highest growth markets for flexible office space in the world. On average a new co-working space opens in London every five days. 

It is undeniable the impact of creating a modern office space. At Billi, through our work with brands and architects, we have seen the evolution of offices. To stand out from the crowd, it is about embracing innovation and technology and meeting the needs of those using the space.